Are your actions driven by fear? Do you take the safer path out of fear of the unknown? Are you holding yourself back because you are afraid of failure?

You hold unlimited power in your hands, in your heart, and yet, you continue to allow fear to drive your decisions. If you have accepted any of the tenets of these writings, then you should begin to understand that there is nothing to fear. Have you considered what the motivating reason is for your choices made out of fear?

Does not Ego come into play when you say you have a fear of failure? Do you not understand that every move you make is a move forward and there is no possible way that you can fail? Of course, your vision of the end result may not be reached. But perhaps your vision was too limited and your actions have a broader result. Until you allow yourself to be free of fear, you will not be able to step back and see the larger picture.

Do you avoid an encounter, a conversation for fear of hurting someone’s feelings or perhaps of being wounded yourself? Indeed, if there is physical danger, do not pursue. However, in any other encounter, if you act with pure intent, are you not engaging in a worthwhile interaction? You cannot predict another’s reaction or response to you. You can only walk in truth and love. And remember that in your daily life this physical plane is meant for learning and teaching by you.

Use your intuition daily in your interactions. Understand how the timing of the Universe works. Do not respond or act out of raw emotion. But allow yourself a moment to breathe and center yourself before you enter into a pivotal interaction. Worry not about the outcome and move forward in love.

Fear will hold you back, anchoring you with heaviness when you have the ability to fly, to soar to new heights and dimensions. Unzip that heavy cloak of fear which burdens you and prevents you from moving forward. Allow it to drop at your feet, step over it. Shake out your wings and fly. Can you feel those wing buds on your back, just beginning to form? Check them every day and feel them become larger and more beautiful. Until they are an expansive pair of wings with which you can soar above the fear beneath you. You are so much more than you could ever imagine.

Begin today. Begin at this very moment. Breathe. Release the shackles of fear. Walk in love. Do not limit yourself or your vision. Think broader, fly higher, reach further than you ever imagined. This is only the first step in your awakening. Do not let fear hold you back. You will be astonished at the possibilities. And we shall applaud your initial flight to freedom.

Do it now.
Take the chance.
You are never alone.
We are always there to help.
Just call upon us, your cheerleaders, your supporters, your partners in changing the world.
It begins with you.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. The Presents of Presence
    May 31, 2013 @ 10:49:03

    I am trying to live without fear…


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