Forgiveness, Understanding and Growth

Are you able to forgive what seems the most heinous of actions? Even without completely understanding the motivation behind those actions? Can you disperse that deep emotion felt and come back to center?

You are not responsible for the actions of others. You are only responsible for your own actions, words and thoughts. Although there is certainly a connection and exchange of energy between you and all of existence, the immediate concern you must have is with your own actions. For change begins with you and the energy you send out into the world. It has a much greater impact than you realize.

There are occurrences upon this plane with which you do not agree, which may cause you much pain and emotional turmoil. For this, we understand. As many of these actions do not follow the lessons which we teach. However, please remember that All are connected. Judgment, condemnation and prolonged anger do nothing to move the collective consciousness forward.

Emotional reactions are a human condition and help move you towards action, either positive or negative. They are the catalyst for growth, for change, in either a forward or a backward direction. When you feel these emotions, we ask that you not hold them close for long periods of time. Instead, allow these emotions to be the catalyst for positive change in the world.

Only through love and forgiveness, kindness and compassion, joy and awareness of the inter-connection of All will you be able to grow closer to the Source. You may not understand the reasons for the actions of others. But that does not mean you cannot respond after a time with a positive action.

Do you not see how the negative actions of one often bring out the best in another? It is the give and take of love that moves you forward. This loving kindness is present in each and every one of you. Focus on that rather than on the negative catalyst that caused the outpouring of love.

There will come a time when loving kindness will be ever present in your world. A time when these expressions of love will be a daily occurrence, and not only in response to a negative deed. Start now. Begin today in changing anger and judgment into forgiveness and love. You need not understand the reasons of others, for often they are beyond your comprehension.

Allow your negative response to pass quickly. Move into a higher vibration of love and action. This is how you become part of the forward movement of your world. This is how you show others the way of being. This is how you contribute to the loving kindness ever present in your world.

Do not walk in fear and anger. Do not look for suitable punishment and retribution.

Walk instead in light and love.

Show others the way of being. Be the example of forgiveness and compassion.

Change your world……….. with gentleness, forgiveness and love.

Allow your light to shine in times of darkness.

And call on us when you need help.

You are never alone.

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  1. The Presents of Presence
    May 31, 2013 @ 10:50:00

    Truly loving your blog ~ just needed to tell you! ♥


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