Listening, Hearing, Seeing

How do you listen? What do you hear? What is it that you see? Is it reality or is it altered by your individual perception? Do you do this with complete abandon or do you give it only a part of your attention?

How much do you REALLY pay attention to what is happening around you? Are your interactions distracted by cellphones, personal thoughts or judgments, by what is happening in another corner of the room? How much are you really missing because you do not give your full attention to these interactions?

Quieting the mind is not only a practice to be used in daily meditation. It is also a practice to be used throughout your day. How many of you say that it is difficult for you to be quiet and meditate because your mind wanders so very much? Think about how little focus you use in your normal interactions. Perhaps the first place to start in quieting your mind is in your everyday activities.

There are many distractions for you in your daily life with so much din and chaos in this physical plane. And as the veil continues to thin, as many of you begin to have a foot in both worlds, you will also have information coming from the other side. For this reason, it is important for you to begin practicing your focus in everything you do.

You have the term ‘multi-tasking’ in which you proudly proclaim that you accomplished a large number of tasks within the same time frame. But how well did you complete those tasks? How much do you remember of what someone said, or of exactly what you did during that multi-tasking period? Are not more and more of you unable to remember what you did just a day before? Perhaps you blame it on old age, but have you considered that it may be lack of focus?

There is so much beauty here, to be seen, to be heard, to be felt, to be tasted. Not being present in the moment causes you to miss many opportunities for experiencing beauty. These are habits formed at an early age for many of you. And so, we would like to help you to better focus, not only in those quiet moments but throughout your day.

First, you must breathe. Stop, take a deep breath and feel it move throughout your entire body.

Gather your personal energy that is scattered all around you and pull it back within you. Imagine this in any way that best suits you, using a vacuum cleaner –like movement, imagining a large pair of hands gently collecting your energy and bringing it in closer. The goal is to bring your energies in closer to your physical body so that you do not feel so scattered. Even though many of you are not aware of this energy field on a conscious level, you are aware of it on a subconscious level. Think of your phrase, ‘gathering my thoughts’. This is exactly the same process. Are not thoughts made of energy?

Once you gather your energies, pull them into your body and send them down to your feet, through your soles and into Mother Earth. We have mentioned this before, to feel as a tree with your roots extending down into the ground. Once you have done this, check and see how you feel. There will be more calm, more focus, more strength. Practice this before you enter a room, before you begin a conversation, before you start an activity and see how your life changes.

Replace your gadgets with a deep breath of connection and centering.
Allow yourself the full experience of life here in this physical world.
Listen, hear, see, taste, feel.

And love.
Always love.


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