How do you Communicate?

What is your process for communicating with others? Do you speak your truth or do you say what others want to hear? Do you listen to their reply or are you only waiting for them to stop speaking so you can speak again? Do you know how to listen?

Everyone wants to be heard. They have something to say and want others to hear what it is. But what are they truly communicating? So much can be heard just in the tone of one’s voice or in the stance of their physical body. So much can be learned from the look in their eye and where they focus their attention. What are they really saying?

You have learned here to allow your emotion to cloud your words and your communication. Once said, the words cannot be retrieved, as they go out into the ethers. True or false, the words have been spoken to be accepted or rejected by the recipient of those words. Often, the non-verbal forms of communication are much more telling of what a person is really thinking, of how they are really feeling.

In a tense situation, can you first take a deep breath before you speak? Can you surround yourself and those involved with light and love? Can you ask for help with the words that will come before you allow them to flow from your mouth?

Emotion, intense emotion, clouds your judgment, and often what you communicate is how you are feeling only in the moment. In times of intense emotion, can you just walk away until it passes? Can you come back when you are grounded, connected and in a better position to communicate? You are not being asked to deny the emotion for that must be felt and allowed to pass. You are being asked to wait until that emotion has passed before you discuss the situation.

There are many ways you have been told to do this, count to 10, for example. Another way is this. Breathe, feel your feet firmly on the ground. Imagine yourself as a tree and send roots down into the ground from the soles of your feet. Then take that intense emotion and send it down to Mother Earth. Allow her to take it and disperse it. You cannot ignore the emotion, but you can acknowledge it and then send it on.

After this, your vision will be clearer, your words truer, your communication softer and better heard by the receiver. For you must remember that as you send out intense emotion, so does the other person feel that emotion and contribute their own, just adding to the chaotic energy. The result is that nothing is heard, for emotion clouds the interaction.

If you are a recipient of such emotion, do the same thing. Breathe, send that emotion received right down to Mother Earth. It does not belong to you, but to another. Be calm, do not allow your emotion to increase the chaos.

If you remain calm, watch how the situation evens out. By not matching the level of emotion coming towards you, there is no escalation. The other person will either calm down or walk away, for you have diffused the situation. You have the power to do this.

Be present and know your truth.
Understand the energetic component of all interactions.
Send love and light in your daily interactions and see how your world changes.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jatwood4
    Apr 08, 2013 @ 09:07:42

    Valuable advice — thanks for making it easily understandable.


    • the_tovarysh_connection
      Apr 08, 2013 @ 18:45:00

      Thank you, Judtith, once again for your supportive comment. I hope that you are doing well back at home. Wanted to ask your permission to use one of your comments as a testimonial for the e-book I’m getting ready to publish. Am compiling a year’s worth of posts to put out there in book format. May you continue to heal in the most gentle of ways. Namaste.


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