Are You Ready for Change?

Are you ready for the changes coming to your life? Are you willing to move forward without fear, but with love and anticipation? Are you able to accept what is coming as a gift for you and the world?

This physical world is not a static world. The Universe is not static, but ever growing and ever changing. And as it breathes and stretches its limbs, so will you grow and expand along with it. You were not meant to find one little niche in life and remain there. Yes, it is comfortable. Yes, it is safe. But soon the depth of knowledge available to you must gently urge you forward. There is still so much for you to learn. There is still so much for the Universe to learn.

Consider yourself to be as one of the famous explorers in your land. Going where no one has gone before. For the Universe to expand, this is necessary for all to do. This does not mean that you will physically move, though perhaps for some that is true. No, this means that you will be gently led forward to try new things, to think in new ways, to feel deep emotions that have not surfaced for many years. It is only as you move forward through these experiences that the All can learn from you, learn through you.

You are on a journey of self-discovery. You are at the lead of a Universal adventure. But you are not alone in this journey. This is a journey of self-discovery not only for you personally, but for the entire existence of All. Touch your toe into the water for a moment, but then dive in. Do not be afraid. There is someone there at all times to keep your head above water and to gently bring you back to shore, if you need a moment of rest. You have an energetic life preserver securely fastened around you at all times.

Can you do this with joy and a sense of adventure? As a child, were you not more willing to take chances, shrugging off the warnings of your parents to ‘be careful’? Be bold as you move forward. But also be aware. Stay grounded in your adventure and do not fly off into eternal bliss before your time. For there will be a time that you will return to the loving arms of the All. Our dear adventurer of life.

Take a deep breath, wrap yourself in loving light and take that first step. You may rest in the comfort of your familiarity for a time. But then you will be gently reminded, gently pulled to move forward. Do you not wish to experience the sweetness of life in all of its possibilities? If you move forward with pure intent, with love in your heart, with fear banished from your existence, how could each step not be the sweet nectar of life?

Remember it is all in your perception of how events begin to unfold. As we see your life, it is all positive experiences. That is not to say that if you are in physical danger that you should not remove yourself immediately. But remember that the lesson is always there, always present.

Can you live your life in joy? Is that not one of the biggest challenges you face daily, to see everything from a joyful perspective? We shall help you to change your vision from one of fear and dread, to one of joy and light. It is difficult, we understand, in this physical world of heaviness with the illusion of separateness.

Are you able to wake up each morning and say ‘This is a day of joy, a day of connection, a day I walk with my guides supporting me every step of the way? This is a day of new experiences and new knowledge to be cherished and used for the highest good of the All.’

Remember that your path ahead is filled with light to guide you. Trust that inner voice which guides you. That inner voice is us calling to you, supporting you and loving you. In time, you will not even question what you hear, that intuition that urges you to do or not to do something. That is your internal compass and soon you will allow it to guide you forward without a second thought. This is the Universal connection of which you are a part.

Walk your path gently and in love.
Know that you are just one piece of the whole.
You belong to something much greater than you can imagine.

You are Light.
You are Love.
You are One.


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  1. OneGirlRiot
    Mar 25, 2013 @ 00:02:16

    I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog award. For some reason the link-back doesn’t work, so here’s a link for you to see the original post:

    testing this to see if it works:


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