Do Not Fear the Unknown

Why do you fear the unknown? Why must you know everything that is to happen before it does? Your future is evolving and your actions in this very moment will change the outcome. So then, how can you predict what will happen? Is this not part of your learning process?

Your need to control, to ‘be prepared’ for what is to come, is causing you much distress and elicits fear within you if you do not know. You spend much time wondering and worrying about the future. When in fact, the future does not yet exist and depends on the present. In reality, there is no future, there is no past. There is only the NOW. And the now is where you should be focusing your attention.

We have talked about the web of connection and of the continuum. We have told you how everyone and everything is connected. With this knowledge in hand, understand the flow of creativity within and amongst you all. Understand how your energy, your thoughts can and do affect what will happen next, not only in your life, but in the life of the All.

Thinking about the future and the past engages your mind. Being present in the NOW engages your heart. Have you ever lost yourself in an activity, focusing your complete attention on it to the extent that you forget the passage of time? These are the times when you are truly connected to the continuum as you stream with the collective consciousness in your present activity. During these moments there is no emotion, no thought, just complete indulgence in your present action. While you are in this state, there is room for nothing else. There is no need for anything else. You are linked in to the continuum with full abandon.

In reality, there is no unknown in terms of meeting new people, journeying to a new destination, beginning a new task. For if you are a part of the All, there is knowledge in this connection available to you. Knowledge that you, as part of the All, have used before. But in order to tap into this knowledge you must get out of your head and back into your heart where the knowledge lies.

True knowledge, of universal dimensions, lies within your heart. Knowledge of living in a physical world lies within your mind. This is the mind’s purpose, to retain memories of how to exist on this physical plane. The trick is to combine these two forms of knowledge to move forward.

The veil is thinning, which means that more and more of you are living with a foot in both worlds. No longer will this ‘earthly’ knowledge be enough for you to move forward. You have graduated to the next class and must now pull in the universal knowledge to help you straddle both of these worlds simultaneously.

More and more, you will need to draw on the knowledge of the continuum to move through your day. Do not be afraid of this new way of living. You are ready. You have our support and help. Move softly and gently into the unknown. It is not dark and sinister, but filled with light and music and opportunity.

Approach your day with love and certainty that all is as it should be. Be present in each moment, moving forward with love. By doing so, how can the next moment and the next not be the same, filled with love? Love is all there is.

Release the fear from your minds. Open the windows of your hearts and allow the brightness of our world to fill your days. You no longer just exist in a physical world. You are now a part of both worlds and for that we sing with joy. With open arms we welcome you and will guide you. Just ask. It is just that simple.

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