Forward Movement

Your path is moving you forward. Forward towards divine connection, back to the Source. The lessons which line this path may sometimes seem insurmountable. But always, you have help and guidance. You have a connection with the Source. Use this connection in your daily lives, especially in those times of stress or despair when you feel helpless.

Every step you take brings you closer to the knowledge that lies within you. Every step you take brings you closer to the light from which you came. Every step you take brings your vibration higher and lighter, more in sync with the Source.

Are you able to walk your path with the knowledge of loving beings with you, prepared to catch you if you stumble? Are you able to walk your path with the knowledge that you are never alone? Are you able to walk your path understanding that joy is present all around you, everywhere you look?

You say, ‘I see suffering, turmoil and sadness. I see inner strife, war and greed. I see many things that do not appear to be of light and love.’ But all of these things are seen through human eyes. There is another way to see them.

Raise your vibration enough to see beyond these human situations. See the underlying light within each and every one of these situations. See the opportunities to share your light, to help uncover the light within all those around you. It is possible to change the flow of energies from negative to positive.

One person can make a difference across the spectrum of Universal light. One person. For each person is connected to the All. And so his/her actions reverberate along that web of connection. The way to begin is to hold your energetic vibration high. Practice daily to bring your vibration higher. Connect with your Source.

Once you begin doing this, notice the difference. The atmosphere in a room will change with your presence. Your higher vibration will raise the energy around you. It will be noticeable to others, though they may not be able to explain what they feel. You do not realize the power of this.

You need not have a solution for the problems of others. With your higher vibration, you allow them the opportunity to feel the difference. This in itself will help them to reach higher and to find their own answers from the Source.

Each and every one of you has the answers within. There is no need to go elsewhere, for the guidance is within. What you can do is to show others the way without judgment, without lectures. Show others the way by how you live your life, by how you maintain a higher vibration. They may not be aware of what they are feeling from you, but they will walk away feeling lighter.

Share the universal energies with each other. Do not deplete your own energies while you become accustomed to this way of being. All you need to do is to walk in light and love. Surround yourself in light and love every day. Nothing else is needed at this time. Just this small gesture will begin to change the world around you. Others will notice. Others will follow your lead. Forward movement has begun and it has started with you.

Many blessings to you for all that you do.


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