Focus your attention on that which you cannot see.
Focus your attention on that which you cannot hear.
Focus your attention on that which you cannot touch.
Focus your attention on nothing.

For it is there where you will find your answers. It is there where the wealth of knowledge lies. How is this possible?

In order to better grasp the purpose of your being, you must remove the chatter from your lives. It is important to find a quiet space, where you can spend time in nothingness. The activity of your minds, the chatter is ‘jamming the airwaves’ thus not allowing the wisdom to descend.

It is in the nothingness where you will find the connection, long lost to many, yet always there, quietly waiting your return. For some, the road has been circuitous, for others, the road has been a straight path, intense at times. But for everyone the destination is the same.

You have a negative perception of nothingness. As if it describes lack. Lack of resources, lack of sensory perception, lack of existence. When in fact, if you allow yourselves to dive into the pool of nothingness you will experience the exact opposite of these inaccurate perceptions. We are not talking about your physical bodies which are accustomed to the chatter, the sensory overload, the constant yearning to be doing something, going somewhere.

This nothingness is part of a new journey which many of you are now ready to begin. You may leave your physical bodies in a safe place while your spirit/soul glides off into the void. This is a safe place to be, but also a temporary place to visit. For you must return to your physical realm after touching down in the void.

As the veil lifts, more and more of you will experience being in both worlds at the same time. You might find yourselves forgetting words, remembering dreams during the day, being more sensitive to your surroundings. This is all a part of your awakenings. But it is important to continue to stay grounded in this physical realm. Find a mentor if you feel you need one. For when you are ready, your teacher or your students will come to you.

The nothingness has much to teach you. But do not get lost there. Visit for short periods of time so as to become accustomed to its energies. Bring back the knowledge and use it here in this physical world. Begin to combine the worlds. You are already doing it as you begin to better trust your intuition and not to second guess those moments of insight, of creativity, of sight.

The time is now for you to explore, if only for short periods of time. Ask for help, a guide to show you the way. Surround yourself with light before you journey and begin on the path to the void. Just 5 minutes in your physical world will feel endless in the void.

Do not dally for you still must tend your physical body, your physical world. And call on us to lead you ,to guide you. We will gladly be there as you take your first step.


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  1. Deborah Oster Pannell
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 10:08:12

    A powerful call to action…
    This brings to mind the paradox of actively seeking nothing – it calls into question nearly everything we do, yet at the same time, informs it with a quiet certainty.
    One foot in, one foot out… 🙂


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