Why are you not listening?

Why are you not listening when we talk to you? Why do you turn your head, lower your eyes, or walk away? Why do you call to us, often in desperation, yet when we answer, you do not listen? We are always with you. Always. We hear your call to us and we are there with a response. Always. But you do not seem to hear it.

And so we ask: How do you expect to receive your answers?

Do you expect an apparition to appear in front of you with the solution to your dilemma? Do you expect a rumble in the sky, a bolt of lightning to precede any words of wisdom and encouragement? Where and how do you expect to get your answers? Think about this.

The answers to your questions are always provided to you. But perhaps not in the way you expected them to arrive. The messenger might be a child with a simple question, a colleague’s action that sparks a thought. Or, it might be a gut feeling, an urge to ‘go this way’ or to talk with someone you just happened to see. The answers to your questions come in countless ways. They are not dramatic. But gentle and natural interactions.

Every aspect of your daily lives has a message for you. But you must be open and receptive to the messages. Do not doubt your insights, your synchronous interactions with others. These are the ways in which we interact with you. This is how the connection flows throughout the universe. Sudden, dramatic responses are not our way. For the message would be lost in the orchestration of the delivery.

This means that your awareness of all that happens during your day, being present in the moment, will allow you to ‘hear’ your answers. And you may not realize that your answer arrived until after you have awoken from a dream. After you have returned home and reviewed your day. After you have said good-bye to the person with whom you were speaking.

Do you not realize that you are a part of us and we are a part of you? And so, your answers come from interactions with each other, as we are present with all of you.

The answers may come from any part of your life; animal, mineral, plant, spirit, thought. Change your way of listening. Be present and understand that AHA! moment. Be grateful to the person who gave a part of themselves in order to be the messenger for you. Look everywhere. See everything. No action is too small to go un-noticed. Gentle messages. Quiet examples. Simple solutions.

Be quiet, be observant and be ever present in the moment. And understand also, that YOU are a messenger for others. You may not be aware of this role which you play daily. But it is one of your many functions here upon this plane of existence. As you all search for the path to follow back to the Source. You are an important part of the solution for others, as they are for you.

Synchronicity, co-existence, and connection. Open your hearts to the ways of the universe. Take flight, soar high and sing sweetly. All are possible. For we exist within you and among you and always urge you to grow, to dance, to know the joy of life.

Do not doubt yourselves.


Practice non-judgment.

And be present in the moment.

This is your lesson for today.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jmgoyder
    Jan 25, 2013 @ 08:39:57

    Fantastic post – I am listening!


  2. Deborah Oster Pannell
    Jan 25, 2013 @ 08:47:36

    Thank you. This is another one of those timely posts. Yesterday was a hard day. Difficult interactions with no clear immediate message. But this morning, reading this, I’m encouraged to be less judgmental towards myself or others, and just try and listen quietly to find the deeper meaning.

    My yoga teacher always closes with this thought: “I ask you to consider the possibility that instead of human beings seeking a spiritual experience, perhaps we are spiritual beings seeking a human experience…” I love that…


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