What of……Perception?

What is the true reality of this physical world? How can you be sure of what is really happening? If 5 people observe an occurrence, you will receive 5 different versions of what happened. Which one of those versions accurately describes what really happened?

The answer is…All of them.

For each person views an occurrence from their perspective which is filtered through their reality. What you may perceive as a gesture of gratitude, another person may perceive as a gesture of arrogance. Everyone has a different perception of life here upon this plane.

And so, what does that mean for you? How can you be sure of what has really happened? The answer is that you cannot be sure how anyone else has viewed the same situation. All perceptions are correct because they are viewed from the world that each person has created. Your perception is colored by your reality, by your way of seeing the world. Positive or negative. With compassion or judgment. Conciliatory or vengeful. Your perception of any event will fulfill your beliefs of how your world exists.

Each and every one of you is a part of the All. Each and every one of you has certain lessons to learn for the collective consciousness. And each and every one of you has had different life experiences along the way to learn these lessons. Each lesson is valuable. Each experience is important. Each interaction that you have with others will help that person along their path back to the Source.

Observe life as you know it from a higher perspective. See the many possibilities, the many variances of how a situation may be viewed and you will find that compassion flows easier within you. The Ego wants you to believe that life can only be viewed in one way….your way. When there are as many ways to view the world as there are people in it. Understand that your emotional memories change your perception. Understand that there is only one true way to view an occurrence…..with compassion and non-judgment.

The possibilities are infinite in how life in this physical world can be viewed. Be open and receptive to all possibilities, for all exist. Allow your higher self a voice in viewing your world. Understand that YOU create the world in which you live and every one of you has created a different world. Join together in sharing your individual worlds with love, understanding and compassion.

And see how gentle the breeze of reality can feel.

Be of love
Be of light
Raise your sights
View your world from a higher perspective
And see how brightly it can shine.


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