What of ……Memories?

You come within this human form as a spirit/soul with a long life prior to embodiment. You bring with you much knowledge that has been collected across the Universe by others like you who have chosen to experience life in different forms. The memories of that knowledge still remain within you. They are just more difficult to connect to while in this physical state. For that reason, it is important for you to allow yourselves time to rest, as these are the times that you can help bring back these memories, this knowledge, to use them in this physical plane.

If you only could understand the vast amount of knowledge that is already available to you, there would be no feelings of inadequacy, or need of acceptance or approval. For you would better understand that you already are more than adequate, accepted and loved by all. This physical realm is one of the most difficult planes in which to exist because of the feelings of dis-connect and separateness the physical bodies create. We cannot stress enough that these forms which you inhabit are similar to pieces of clothing that you apply to cover and protect these forms.

Consider this. There are many on this plane who have had injuries and had to learn once again how to speak or how to walk. The same applies to each and every one of you. But for you the lesson is how to once again learn to fly, to soar. To use the depths of knowledge already in your possession to lead you back within the fold. Back to the Oneness.

You often praise the explorers of this plane for seeking new adventures, going ‘where no man has gone before’ in order to bring back the experience of those journeys. Can you understand that is what each and every one of you is doing right now in your lifetime here? You are doing exactly that.

And once again we say that you are doing it unselfishly, for the common growth of the entire Universal being. Remember that, when you are telling yourself, ‘I am not succeeding, I am not worth loving, I am not contributing to anyone or anything.’ For you, in fact, are doing so much with every breath that you take. Remember that you are a part of something much greater than you could ever imagine in your current physical state.

Why do we stress this today? To encourage you to give yourselves time to rest, to meditate, to just be. For these are the times when the connection becomes stronger. And as you do this more frequently, the knowledge will begin to come back to you. And in time, as you strengthen this conduit, the memories, the messages, will begin to come to you even in the din of your daily lives.

But you must start as one who requires much practice and effort to relearn the language. The building blocks must be put back in place. And once they are, see how far you can climb with the memories that return to you.

Remember that you are all on the same path back to the Oneness. Each and every one of you has a different gift that will help you along the way. Seek out to learn what those gifts are and use them to move forward yourself and to help others on their paths.

It is as if you all have a different piece of the puzzle to bring to the table. Individually, each piece does not reveal much to you. But when all those pieces are combined, a masterpiece lies before you.

Remember that your time here is meant to reconnect to the All. And along the way you might accrue much wealth, many experiences, and much power in this physical realm. But the true wealth, the true knowledge, the true power lies in your connection to the Oneness.

Remember, too, there is not one moment in your life when you are not loved, when you are not appreciated for who you are. You are NEVER alone and you are ALWAYS surrounded by love. Always.


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  1. Deborah Oster Pannell
    Nov 02, 2012 @ 21:50:16

    Sometimes your blogs just come at the right time, echoing the very thoughts and feelings I’ve been having… this one really hit home. Thank you so much for the very gentle and steady reassurance. xo


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