For a significant portion of your daily lives you rest your physical bodies in a state of suspended animation. These are the times that your spirit/soul is able to travel in order to bring back knowledge or to help you process things that have happened to you in your waking hours. These are the times when you dream, though many of you are able to dream in your waking states also.

Dreamtime is very important to your continued spiritual growth for the reasons just mentioned. But is there a way that you can better assimilate the knowledge, better process the feelings/experiences that are a part of your dreamtime? There is a way for you to begin down this path, so let us help you through this exercise.

You have heard many theories of how to interpret your dreams. For example, there is the study of the symbols that occur in your dreams. Certain objects are said to mean certain things. You may have been told to put yourself in the position of everyone who is present in your dreams, that each are a part of yourself. Both of these techniques are helpful and certainly worthwhile exploring during your waking hours.

But where do you go and how do you receive this information that comes to you in your dreams? There are times that you travel far and wide, through the veil that is thinning at this time of the physical cycle. And so, you are able to pass into other dimensions, other planes of existence and during those times you may have conversations with ascended masters who are willing and able to help you stay on your path back to the Oneness.

But there are many times when you have only glimpses of that which has transpired during this dreamtime. Or perhaps there are times when it is very difficult for you to wake or rouse yourself. These are the times that you can be certain that you have traveled and though you may not remember clearly, the memory is stored in your subconscious.

It is for this reason that you can retrieve the information of the dream, to re-enact what transpired, if that is what you wish to do. It is your choice as to whether you wish to remember the entire dream or just the knowledge that was given to you through the dream.

In order to do this, sit quietly and breathe. In and out. In and out. Set the intent that you consciously remember the knowledge that was presented to you during your dreamtime. It is not always necessary for you to remember the exact movements/activities in the dream. For sometimes these can be painful memories that you seem to relive during the dreamtime. The important piece is the knowledge or the beginning of the process that a dream might trigger. Prior to your lying down to rest, you might set the intent to consciously remember the knowledge received or if you wish, the dream in which that knowledge was presented. It is all a matter of the intent that you set. Pure intent. Without fear or trepidation. For your Ego has much invested in keeping things exactly as they are in this moment without any forward movement to your conscious return to the Oneness.

After setting your intent, the key is just to allow the knowledge to come to you as you calmly breathe in and out. In and out. No forcing, no expectations. And remember, the knowledge is already there in your subconscious, just requiring some time to filter down into your consciousness. Until it does, trust your intuition, your ‘inner’ knowing. For this taps into the knowledge that is present. Just not yet to your conscious mind.

Be gentle with yourself during these changing times. Dreamtime is very active for many of you right now. This is in preparation for the coming changes to your planet and to the entire Universal being. If you experience ups and downs, know that this is happening to many and that you are not alone in this process. And allow yourself time to rest. To just be. Without the constant bombardment of noise that surrounds you. How can you possibly hear your ‘inner’ voice with all the external din surrounding you?

Trust yourself and your intuition.
Understand that this process is occurring to many across this plane.
And know no fear. Just love.
Remember that is all that truly is. That is what you truly are.


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  1. judithatwood
    Oct 29, 2012 @ 10:25:09

    You’ve presented me with a very important reminder. It’s time for me to get back to treasuring my dreams and the things they tell me! Thanks so much.


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