Have you ever had something come to mind and within the next moment or few hours, exactly what you were thinking came to pass? Perhaps you were thinking of a friend or loved one, and they called. Perhaps you were wondering when it was going to start raining and the next moment it began. Or perhaps, you mistakenly made a wrong turn driving home and avoided an accident that occurred on your usual route.

Why do these things happen to you? Do you have an innate knowledge of what is going to happen? Have you the ability to manifest certain things to occur in your life? Or was it just a coincidence? What do you think? How do you explain it?

We have mentioned the web of connection to you before in earlier posts. All are connected by a web of energy, similar in concept to your internet. What occurs on one end of the web can be picked up on the opposite side at various time points depending upon the speed of your connection. We know this is a good metaphor to explain what happens on an energetic level because you are all using that same type of connection to read these words.

Is it such a great leap, then, to accept the web of connection at a higher frequency, that is not a part of this physical world, but more a part of the energetic plane? These physical bodies you currently inhabit are necessary for lessons to be learned here on this plane. But they are not necessary for your existence in your natural state. And when you have experiences as have been described here, you have tapped into that energetic web that is constantly pulsing with messages, ideas, and knowledge. This is possible for every one of you, without exception. The fact that the scribe of these messages is able to write is because she has allowed herself to be open to the energetic connections that abound in this physical world, just not in a fashion to which you are accustomed.

It is possible for every one of you to make a connection and find the way best to receive the knowledge available to you. It is just a matter of quieting your mind, of trusting your own abilities and approaching this means of communication with love and not fear. If what you hear is not of light and love, then it is not from us or from the web of love that surrounds each and every one of you. And should that occur, call on us immediately to surround you with love and light.

Remember that you are a divine being who inhabits a physical body to learn lessons for the group consciousness. For that web of connection. Which means that any piece of information that has been received through that web is available to you. What we are trying to say is that the information, the knowledge which you seek, comes from within, not from without. For this web of connection flows from divine light to divine light to divine light. And your inner core is that of divine light.

When these thoughts come to you, do not shake your head in disbelief and fear. Instead give gratitude that you have experienced a very natural phenomenon that occurs constantly. You may just need more time, more practice, to accept the gift of these thoughts, this connection.

The energies of this physical plane are rising, which means that these connections will become stronger and be made more frequently between all of those connected to the energetic web. Accept these connections. And if you have questions, still your mind, give yourself some time to sit quietly. Then call upon us to help you find clarity.

You hold the power of the connection in your hands.
Use it gently.
Use it wisely.
Use it in love and see the Universe open up to you.

We are here to help and guide you. Only in love. And with much gratitude.


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  1. chattingwithspirit
    Oct 27, 2012 @ 10:11:25

    Thank you once again for sharing such wonderful enlightening information! I cannot imagine my life without these ‘connections’ but I too had to learn to trust and accept the knowledge that I received. It is far easier to brush these connective thoughts aside, but once you trust, and let go of your physical limitations, it does become easier to take notice of the nudges arrive in the quiet 🙂


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