What of …….Ego?

What is this thing called Ego and does it have a place in your immediate world? You have the terms for it….that person has a big ego, or egocentric or ego-driven. But does it have a purpose here for you or should you deny its very existence?

Ego is a constant presence on this physical plane and it is supported by the feeling of separateness caused by your individual physical forms. Without these forms, it has no reason for being, as the Oneness of all is much easier to understand. But individual personality exists across all planes, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the location. You are all a part of the Oneness, yet you are all individual spirits and souls with individual lessons or tasks to experience in your lives.

As you grow spiritually, becoming more aware of the Oneness; with better understanding of the Universal ways, you also realize that Ego is a part of your existence that is no longer necessary for you. However, as a child, first coming into being on this plane, you rely on Ego to help you transition from the non-physical plane to the physical plane. If you did not have Ego present, you would not be able to best learn the lessons that precipitated your existence here on this plane in the first place. For if you understood the Oneness of being throughout your entire lives, many lessons would be moot and not necessary to learn.

The problem occurs when you become too accustomed to the way of Ego and fail to realize its intended purpose in your lives. When Ego continues to grow in strength, it begins to overshadow your connection to the Divine. Thus making the connection to the All less apparent to you. Ego was never intended to overpower the Divine connection as it has in so many of you. This makes your journey back into the loving embrace of the All a longer and often more challenging journey.

Allowing Ego to have a small presence in your lives is most certainly acceptable and actually helpful as you continue on your path to knowledge. It is when Ego blinds you with false illusions of grandeur that it becomes a burden for you, slowing down your forward movement.

Do not berate yourself for a flare of Ego as you live your daily lives. But do become vigilant when it begins to overtake your thoughts; feeding itself by taking power away from others and encouraging you to forget the ways of kindness and compassion. That is when it is time to take a step back and ask yourself the question ‘Why’. Why am I doing this? Why am I thinking this way? Why am I saying these things?

Be aware of your thoughts, words and deeds every day and how they may affect others who cross your path. If you find yourself making excuses for these thoughts, words or deeds, then begin to watch for the presence of Ego in your lives. Perhaps it has overgrown its boundaries and needs to be pruned back to a smaller size.

Do not allow it to shade the brilliant divine light that shines from within you.

Do not doubt for a moment the existence of this divine light and the power of it.

Do not forget your connection to the All.

And if ever you stumble or need a helping hand, know that we are always here beside you, basking in your light, awaiting the day of your return to your true state. When we shall welcome you home with love and gratitude.


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  1. delajus
    Oct 13, 2012 @ 15:51:40

    For some reason, I feel that I have been waiting for this message to appear on your blog. This is a subject I know well, and yet the Ego causes me trouble again and again. Because I experienced rejection as a young child, I allowed the Ego to develop a defence mechanism by which I would be the first to reject, rather than waiting for the pain of being rejected. I would push people away, inventing reasons why I thought they were inappropriate friends. I have done this to very good people who have shown me great kindness (and occasional thoughtlessness). Unbelievably, the occasional thoughtless act that hurt my very sensitive feelings would be enough for me to end a relationship that, sometimes, had been a souce of great friendship for many years. So, of course, this “defence” has actually caused me much greater pain than would have occurred if I had just allowed an occasional rejection to hit me, and move on. I’ve been thinking a lot about pain for the last few days as I have been nursing a bad back. I think the Ego, out of control, can have a terrible effect on the body. So your message has given me further food for thought, as always! Thanks for sharing this message! Marianne


    • the_tovarysh_connection
      Oct 13, 2012 @ 20:05:36

      Marianne, I hope you realize that you are not the only one who has done this. No one wants to be rejected. And I have been thinking lately of how I experienced an action recently similar to one I had done to someone else in the past. While it hurt, it gave me a better understanding of how I may have caused pain by my earlier actions. Its all in the process of learning. And along the way, we find more compassion for others. Learn the lesson, forgive and move on. Replaying your story in your head is just giving more power to Ego. Namaste.


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