What of ……..Life?

You have been given the gift of life.  You are conscious of your surroundings.  You are sentient and have feelings.  You are able to think, to create, to connect with other sentient beings. 

And yet, how many of you are truly living?  How many of you are actually thinking, feeling, creating and connecting with others? How many of you are just going through the motions of daily living like an automaton as in one of your movies?  Do you ever wonder why, how, who, when and what if?

Your current state of being is encased within a human form for the most part.  Or at least that is how most of you relate to ‘life’.  I am a physical being with physical limitations, with physical vulnerabilities, with physical pain and suffering.  In a physical form that ages daily, then takes its last breath and that is the end of life as I know it. Many believe that is the extent of it, of life….and then oblivion.

When, over this short course of time, are you going to LIVE your life? Tomorrow?  When you have more time, more money, more energy, more freedom?  What about now, in this very moment? Can you break free from the chains of complicity that have bound you so tightly you do not even know how to move, to breathe, to dance?

Now, THIS moment, is the perfect time to begin your life. With no judgments, no regrets of past actions, no fear of future possibilities.  You are living your life at this very moment…..breathing in and out and in and out. 

And now the time is ripe for your dreams, your hopes, your visions to manifest.  The energy is rising, the group consciousness is stirring into action. The Universe, the entire Universe is beginning to take a deep breath to release the ways of the past and to bring in your dreams of the future.

And what are those dreams of yours?  Do they consist of fear, dread, worries and doubts?  Do they immobilize you? Have they even managed to make it to the very surface of your consciousness?  Or are they buried so deep within you, they are inaccessible to you?

The Universe is listening to you!  It is preparing to serve you the very thing that you have ordered from the menu. Be it joy and hope, or fear and dread.  What does your palate crave today? You deserve only joy and love. And yet, you order less, much less than that for yourselves. 

If you could change your world today, how would you change it? 

Sit, breathe, close your eyes and see that world before you.  Create the energy of that world in your mind’s eye with love, only with love. Smile as you do this and allow the creativity to flow.  Do it this very instant, exist in that world for a moment.  Draw it to you and watch it unfold.  Breathe life into it.  For all creation requires the breath of life. And so, too, your creations require your breath of life. 

Not only do you have the gift of life, you have the gift, the ability of creating life around you.  It is your choice of what you create.  Will you be passive and live in others’ creations or will you create your own world in which to live? 

Will you be passive in this physical existence and complacently go through your allotted time?  Or will you be active and learn the steps to your dance, the dance of your spirit and your soul? 

Can you hear the beat?  Listen.  It may be faint, but it is there.  Listen and feel the beat of YOUR song, YOUR music. For the Universe sings to you every moment of your day.  And it is time for you now to get up and dance.  Open your arms and spin your world around you. 

 Accept the gift of this life with joy.  And once you do, you will understand that your very existence is limitless. Neither time nor space can limit who you are.  For your very being exists within the All. 

 For you ARE the All.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. judithatwood
    Sep 25, 2012 @ 22:38:47

    This is an insightful post — I was that automaton for decades, and I am so happy to have escaped that paradigm!


  2. insearchofitall
    Oct 06, 2014 @ 14:56:47

    I liked your question “If you could change your world today, how would you change it?” I have given that serious thought and decided I would like to teach people that it’s our differences that make us each unique and we should give up trying to make everyone believe the same thing. There is no point in fighting wars over differences, We are supposed to be. Contrast is essential to growth. It’s like only having vanilla. Boring and not creative. I love how you express your philosophies. I agree with them. Part of me wants to ask how you came by them.


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