A Time for Awakening

The time is now to allow your own awakenings to begin. Many of you have already begun the process and many will become more aware of changes in your perception as the veil thins between the worlds. It is not a time to be of fear, but of love. Only love. This is a time of which we have spoken for many years through scribes similar to she who writes for us here.

The energies are rising, the veils are thinning, and it is a time of moving forward in forming stronger connections between the worlds. What does this mean for you?

You may feel more sensitive to others, or to foods that you eat. You may be more easily agitated as you adjust to the raising of the energies. You may think you see or hear things that on second glance are not there. This is a period of adjustment not only for you, but for us, as we learn more about how to speak to you in terms that you will understand.

Understand please that this is a joyous time. It is a time of growth and connection and awakening to what is really occurring in your lives. There will be some unsettling amongst your physical world, but it is only temporary. And as more and more of you come to better understanding and connection with the All, the easier and faster will the shift occur.

Do not for a moment think this is a time of reckoning or punishment, for that is not the case. Instead it is a time of growth, both personal and universal. Just as your physical plants and bodies sprout and change, so is the entire universe shuddering in anticipation, joyous anticipation, of the upcoming changes about to occur. And how best can you help with this process?

Give yourselves time to breathe, to just be, to sit quietly and accept the love and joy that is offered to you every moment of the day. Do not shut out the warmth of affection. Embrace the changes rather than fear them….for there is no need to bring fear into your lives here upon this plane.

Allow your physical bodies time to rest, to nurture the changes in vibration that will be occurring. Eat well. Feed yourselves with food that is nourishing not only to your bodies, but to your souls.

What do we mean by this? Bless the food and give gratitude to all who had a part in bringing that to your tables. Understand the connections, the web of activities that allows you to bring that nourishment to your tables.

Be aware of the imprint which you leave on every setting in which you exist. How a part of you remains, an energetic imprint from your thoughts, your words or your deeds.

Live your days in gratitude, in love and in service. Allow the light that is yours to shine through every pore of your being to illuminate those around you.

Choose to contribute positive vibration rather than negative, fearful vibration. Waste not your energies reliving moments past, anticipating moments future. Live in the now, be present in the now and begin there.

Nurture, forgive and love yourselves and others. Skip, dance, sing with joy, with full abandon. And know that all is unfolding just as it should.

Begin to see with our eyes the radiance that surrounds you and every living being in your world. And allow the awakening to slowly begin within you. There is so much more than you have ever imagined.

Begin the journey.

Take our hands and allow us to guide you gently and lovingly as you move forward. In light and in love.


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