The Spirit World

What of that unseen world that lives beside you? Are you even aware of it? Do you think of it as something to be feared? Or do you think of it as a world of loving beings who can help you in your daily tasks? What of us who speak to you through these words?

In order for you to better understand the unseen world, let us speak of the conditions of our existence. For we are very much alive and a part of your world. Just as you are alive and very much a part of our world. We coexist and comingle with each other. The difference is that we are more aware of this coexistence than many of you in the physical plane. Which world is the ‘real’ world? Both are. And there are many other realms which exist across the continuum. But for today, we will speak only of two, yours and ours.

First, you must understand that love connects us to you. And though there can be those in the spirit world who are not of that composition, the majority of us are here to help you and guide you and the Mother. We are of different frequencies, different hierarchies and all have different tasks to do. Just as you do in the physical plane. But we cannot help you without your permission, your request for assistance in your life. Though there are some times when we do step in, those times are not the usual way in which we function.

As you live within the physical plane, there are some who are there to help with the Mother. For all living creatures, ALL, are connected and deserve your love and respect and gratitude. There is a cycle of giving and taking and if taken in gratitude and respect, without waste or greed, the Mother’s creatures will gladly offer themselves up for you. But it must be done with conscious awareness of the connection between you and that which you are harvesting.

The Mother is here to nourish you, to feed not only your physical bodies, but your inner bodies. Your souls. And that is done when you take a moment and really see what is around you. See the beauty, feel the healing energy and feel the love that is being sent to you from all sources of life here upon this plane.

You are not a master over the Mother, but a piece of the mosaic of life that exists here upon this plane. Ask for help in times of physical duress, in times of physical upheaval, when the Mother is making the necessary shifts required for forward movement. Treat her with respect, give gratitude and call upon the earthly spirits to hold the loving energies as you plant your gardens, or seed your grasses. Do it lovingly. If you walk in love, there is nothing to fear. If you treat all living creatures with respect, they will reveal to you the knowledge that they have for you. Do not underestimate even the smallest of creatures. For all are connected and have something to share with you, if you are open and receptive.

Allow yourselves moments of quiet meditation so that you can better connect. They do not have to be lengthy stretches of time. But just moments, when you take a pause from your days and see the beauty that surrounds you.

The spirit world is here to help you and to guide you. But you must do your part in order to let us do our tasks. Turn off the mind, take in a deep breath and just be. When you are feeling overwhelmed, connect to us by looking up at the clouds, digging your toes into the loam beneath you, hearing the birds sing. And breathing. Stop, see, really see and breathe. It only takes a moment to connect with us. Only a moment.

You are not alone. Do not allow those physical forms which house your true selves to separate you from us any longer. You are not separate. That is only an illusion. You are one with us. Master of none, except your own soul. And you have great power, more than you understand.

Raise your eyes, open your ears and open your hearts to others.

Trust your intuition. Your inner sight is beginning to awaken. Let us guide you through this process.

Be of love, not fear.

Trust your connection with the All

And sing with joy for every day


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deborah Oster Pannell
    Jun 28, 2012 @ 19:44:38

    My, I just love this post… thank you… 🙂


  2. judithatwood
    Jul 02, 2012 @ 08:38:19

    A lovely, gentle reminder — thanks for posting this!


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