Loving thoughts

You are beings of light and love. That is your complete makeup. Only Light and only Love.

But when this being of light is placed within a human, physical body, the heaviness of the physical plane makes it difficult for you to remember who you are and from where you have come. But as we have said before, the memories are there, within your hearts, of how it feels to be free. How it feels to be One with All. How it feels to fly.

There will be a time when each and every one of you sheds your physical body and returns home to your true form. To review your time spent on this journey……this adventure, this learning ground where you currently exist. And when you do, the reasons for everything that happened to you here in the physical realm will become clear. For there is a reason, a purpose, to your lives here on this plane. Do not EVER think there is no purpose to your current lives. For indeed, your lives here are very important, not only to your individual souls, but to the collective consciousness.

We mention often that you are one with All. And if you can grasp that concept, then you can understand the collective consciousness. And how your lessons here are lessons for All. And because of your individual traits (and you are still individuals within that community of All), you have chosen to learn a certain piece of information. Because of your individual strengths and gifts, your lessons are presented to you in a certain way in which you will best learn.

You must understand that your life here is one of service, whether or not you see yourselves in that light. The service is to the All, to the collective consciousness. And along the way, here in the physical realm, you may choose to see your actions as one of service to others who exist here with you.

Each and every one of you has one thing in common. You have chosen to experience this physical life…with the pain and the heaviness. But also with the beauty and joy that is unique to this realm. Do not let that beauty pass by while you focus on pain or heaviness. Your time here is limited. Enjoy the beauty. Know that the heaviness is temporary. Understand that you can change your immediate world by changing your perception of it. For that upon which you focus will become your world. Do you wish to spend this short time in a world of pain or a world of joy? That is up to you.

We honor you for your choice to experience life here upon this plane.

We honor you for your adventurous spirit to experience a heavier existence than the one with which you are more familiar.

We honor you for your choice to learn your lesson, and therefore our lesson, here within this physical realm. Can you understand this concept?

Do not forget that you are One with Love….that you ARE Love…..

and Light……..

 and Joy……..

Reach deep down inside your memories and pull out that remembrance of who you really are. And know that you have our gratitude for your service to the All.

Many, many thanks to you, our brave and adventurous souls.


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  1. judithatwood
    Jun 11, 2012 @ 10:35:57

    Thank you for the important and timely reminder! Hope you are well.


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