Thoughts, words and deeds

You are a body of light and energy which is part of a continuum stretching out into infinity. The vessel which you are using at this time upon this plane is a temporary container. It provides you the ability to move through this world. But layered upon this physical world in which you live are many other dimensions that coexist within the exact same space as your physical world. Many of you are aware of these other dimensions and can actually see them in your meditative states. What this means is that you are not only interacting with others on the physical realm. But also with those in other realms transposed upon this one. This is why you often feel the presence of those who have left this realm or why we can interact with you so easily. It is because we are right here, just vibrating at another level. A higher level. And as you grow and increase your own level of vibration, your interactions with us will become easier. This is why we encourage you to raise your energies from the lower vibrations into the higher frequencies .

To understand this, think of the music to which you listen here upon this plane. That which is populated with heavy bass keeps you more connected to the physical plane. But those pieces created with your string instruments are lighter, more ethereal and of a higher vibration. A little closer to that level at which we vibrate. This is not to judge either kind of music. Just to explain to you the differences in the levels of vibration. So that when we encourage you to ‘raise your energies’, think of this example to better understand the differences between the levels of vibration.

Many of you are aware of the chakras, which vibrate at different frequencies. Each is important in its own vibration for your existence here upon this plane. When we encourage you to raise your energies, we mean for you to focus more on the chakras that sit higher in your physical body. As these are the ones that are of higher vibration. The ones in your lower body are those that keep you connected to Mother Earth. And they are necessary for your existence in these human forms.

Why do we tell you all of this today? When you think of yourselves in terms of energy rather than flesh and bone, it is easier to see how all is connected. It is easier for you to understand how powerful your thoughts, words and deeds are. Actions are more of the physical realm and you understand the consequences of these. But they can also be energetic, along with your thoughts and your words.

Whatever you put out in terms of energy fills the continuum. Your negative thoughts or words fill the continuum with negativity. Just as your positive thoughts and words send out positive vibrations. When you consider the billions of souls existing here upon this physical plane and what they are thinking or saying or expressing on an energetic level, you may begin to understand how this affects the entire continuum.

We explain this to impress upon you, once again, how powerful you are. More than you allow yourselves to imagine. And it is in these releases of energies, which come from within you, that change the fabric of the world around you. You are all connected. And not only with the physical realm. What you say or think or do affects the All. And since you are a part of that All, it will come back to you. It is time that you understand this concept, if we are to teach you more about the way of the world, the universe, the All of Creation.

Remember that it is impossible for you to be alone. And that not only your deeds, your actions, but also your thoughts and your words, create a current that runs from you out into the ethers to affect the All. Be aware of what you think, even about yourselves. And ask us for help. We shall provide it, gladly, with joy within our hearts. For those of you who are parents, you can understand how proud we are of you when we see you move forward, every single moment of your day.

We will always be at your side.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yamyah
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 20:12:37

    Beautifully written, i feel the Love and kindness in every word you shared on this post. Thank you ~

    Blessed be multidimensional Light beeing xxxx


  2. judithatwood
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 11:07:43

    An important post! Thanks!


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