Are you stuck?

Have you found yourself in a place from which you cannot move forward?  Is there a thought process, an action, an old way of doing things from which you just cannot move forward?  Do you find yourself doing the same thing, saying the same thing, thinking the same thing, over and over again?  How do you move forward from this?  How do you become unstuck?

 First, acknowledge that this thought is an old way of thinking for you.  It may have served you in the past to get through a part of your life which was difficult.  Or perhaps it is part of an old pattern of viewing the world, to which you no longer subscribe.  Look at it, bless it and send it away.  Encase it in a bubble, a balloon and allow it to float away.  When it tries to return, gently close the door on it.  And it WILL try to return.  But acknowledging its presence, recognizing that it no longer serves you and not inviting it ‘in for tea’ will help to keep it at bay.  And each time it knocks on your door, the knock will be quieter, weaker, until you no longer hear it.

 You have the ability to raise your energies.  It is not just a phrase, to rise above it.  It is actually a physical reality which you can do every day.  With each breath that you take, imagine yourself a little higher in your physical bodies.  Focus your attention a little bit higher.  Allow yourself to feel lighter as your focus rises within your body. In your mind’s eye, see the heaviness detach and fall to the ground, sink into the ground and become one with it, as if you are shedding a heavy cloak.  Take a deep breath and release it.  Allow the Mother to take it from you as you allow the light to shine upon you from above. 

 As you walk, feel the ground underneath your feet with every step.  Imagine roots growing from the soles of your feet into the ground.  Become a part of Mother Earth.  Imagine yourself to be a tree with your branches spreading high and mighty, encompassing a great expanse……..your leaves drinking in the light. The energy from the sun, filling you with the nourishment that you need.  Anything you do not need or want can be sent down to Mother Earth, through those roots.  She will gladly accept them. And there you stand, connected to the Mother while soaking up the light from above. 

 This is how you can become unstuck.  For you are a conduit, living in both worlds, connected to both.   Can you feel the difference?  Can you imagine yourself dancing in the breeze, your leaves glistening in the sunlight, the song of a bird emanating from within your branches?  All is One.  All is connected.  And that which you do not want can be sent down into the ground. 

 When you feel unsteady, pull up the strength of Mother Earth through the soles of your feet.  Feel connected, feel solid, not heavy, but solid and steady.  Help from above. Help from the Mother.  You are surrounded with help and love.  Become One. Move forward.  The steps you take do not have to be giant steps, as long as the movement is forward.  You have the Mother underneath you supporting your every step and you have the light from above showing you the way.  You are set, you are connected and you are free from darkness.

 Love surrounds you.  It is all there is.  May your every thought, word and deed, be of love, not fear, but love. That is the truth. That is the possibility. That is how you become unstuck.  And we will be there with you, every step of the way.  Call on us. We are right there beside you.  Always.


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