Accepting your gifts

I have no special gifts, you say. But you do. Each and every one of you has been given a gift for this lifetime here on this plane. Be thankful for that gift and use it wisely. We understand that some of you are unaware of what that gift might be. Or you feel that you are unworthy of any special gift. How can we impress upon you that ‘unworthiness’ is an illusion of the Ego? Part of the lesson for you here is to overcome Ego, which has such a strong presence on the physical plane. The physical bodies present the illusion of separateness, the ILLUSION of separateness. And because of that illusion, Ego is able to step in and claim seniority over any feeling of Oneness.

This is part of your task. Can you step up to the plate, face Ego and tell it that it does not really exist? That is has no seniority and it is being cast down… that your acceptance of the Oneness is front and foremost in your daily lives. Do you have the strength, the resolve to do that? Of course you do! You have the backing of the Oneness to help you.

And once that task is in motion, you will know what your personal gift is, to be used here during this lifetime. You have had glimpses of it already, something that comes so easy to you, it is second nature. So easy, that you might think that everyone has that ability, that sensitivity. And in a sense, that is true, as you all are connected. However this trait is predominant in you to use to change the world as it is.

Can you accept that fact? That you have the strength and the gift to change the world? Do NOT fall on your knees and hide under the covers as we bring this truth to light. Instead stand tall and understand that you are not alone in this ability to change the world. Where you might stand alone is in how you use or don’t use this ability, this gift that you have. This has nothing to do with narcissism or conceit or boastfulness. This has to do with an innate part of yourselves that many are not using.

Perhaps you need to view this as your next challenge…the discovery of my gift and who I really am. You have had a game Finding Waldo, in your lives here. Change that game to Finding Your Gift. Do it with joy, and laughter and with the spirit of a child engaging in playfulness. Release yourselves from the heaviness, the feeling of obligation or duty. Walk through your days with the lightness of a child chasing a ball or seeing something for the first time. Throw off that heavy shroud and allow your wings to unfold. Then spread them wide and take flight and feel the joy of the ride. For our gift to you is joy.

Accept our gift to you and you will realize your own gift to be used to help others and the world.

Be of joy.

Be of lightness.

Be of One.


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  1. chattingwithspirit
    Apr 28, 2012 @ 01:30:04

    As always, you are spot on with what is happening in my life! Only yesterday I downloaded a book for my beloved kindle which is about accepting our gifts and living our lifes purpose.

    I feel a massive pull to move forward in my spiritual work, but not quite sure in which way, then I was told about the book and now read your post. I am in awe of how the universe conspires to send me confirmations! lol

    One of my greatest concerns is that I work for spirit and not for ego. It is difficult for me because several years ago the president of my local spiritualist church told me that I had an egotistical guide! She told me I was moving too fast with my development and should slow right down. At the time I was very new to everything and so felt that I had done something dreadfully wrong. With hindsight, and now knowing so much more, I wonder if she was jealous of my gift. I have found that many fine workers for spirit have been through similar experiences.

    Tomorrow I am attending a workshop about enhancing communication with spirit. I have a feeling it is going to be a real turning point and am really looking forward to it.

    Again, thank you for your wonderful posts! 🙂


    • the_tovarysh_connection
      Apr 28, 2012 @ 08:02:27

      The sychronicity of these posts is just another confirmation for me that we are all connected and here to help each other. I am SO glad that these writings resonate with you. And I do believe that you are intuitive to know whether your guides are of light or of Ego. Namaste.


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