A reblog from cauldronsandcupcakes: Living as a Sensitive Soul

I wanted to reblog this post because I think what Nicole Cody, Cauldronsandcupcakes.com has to say is very important. As a child, what I heard very often was, ‘you’re too sensitive’. To the point that I tried to build up a wall around me to toughen up. It wasn’t until I was well into my adulthood that I realized the gift of my sensitivity and was able to develop it.   If I’d had guidance in my earlier years, perhaps it would have been easier on me and on my family….for none of us understood what was going on with me. 

I think of all the sensitive souls that are being born. And if sharing these words will help them or those who know them, then I’ve done my part.  The world is changing and we all have to show compassion and kindness to others, but most importantly to ourselves. 

And to RowingThroughLife.wordpress.com and DiabeticRedemption.com, I thank you both so much for mentioning me in connection with your Very Inspiring Blogger Awards.  I have always loved the humor that RowingThroughLife uses in her writings, whether discussing her strange employers or her physical trials in climbing her spiritual mountains. That she can keep her sense of humor through the challenges of her life is truly inspiring.  DiabeticRedemption is another inspiring blogger who has fought her demons, both physical and emotional, and come out on the other side, filled with light.  I am truly amazed at how much she has grown in just the short time I’ve been following her.

I also want to thank all of my followers.  It was not easy for me to start this blog and go public, but in doing so I have connected with so many wonderful people out there. I am honored that you find these writings helpful.  In the coming months, I may not be visiting other blogs as much, and I apologize for any lack of response I give for your wonderful posts.  Blueberry season is coming rapidly, and since I have an acre of blueberries that need tending, marketing and selling, my time will be limited.  But I will continue posting every week as I have been.  Keep smiling!  Namaste.


 Living As A Sensitive Soul


As most of you know, I’m psychic, and have been this way to varying degrees all my life. All of us are intuitive – that’s our birthright, and it’s hardwired into us. Even the most disconnected or ‘non-believing’ of us will still have gut feelings or hunches strong enough that we can acknowledge and act upon them.

But some of us have a much greater sensitivity than that. If you have experienced any of the following (not as a result of mental illness, or a drug or illness induced state!) then this post is written for you:

  • lucid dreaming
  • deja vu
  • precognitive dreams or visions
  • awareness about people, places, objects or events that has no rational cause nor explanation
  • an ability to know information about people
  • sensing the energy field around people or places, and having that affect your body or emotions
  • seeing energy, faces, or other images either in your mind’s eye or through your own eyes
  • hearing voices or knowledge not your own – either as a physical sound, or as a voice, knowing or thought that arises inside you that you somehow understand is not your own
  • having remembrance or recognition of past lives
  • being drawn to psychic activities and tools, such as cards, books, courses, modalities and crystals – where you feel compelled to have or work with these, even when your rational mind protests or doesn’t understand
  • sudden recognition of things previously not known to you – such as knowing the names or uses for things outside your profession or fields of study, or knowing your way around a place you have not ever visited
  • sensing, seeing or hearing Guides, Angels, those who have crossed over, and other energetic beings
  • connection with star people, recurring dreams about or remembered incidences of UFO or alien encounters – these are often not threatening or unpleasant
  • recurring dreams for which you have no explanation
  • a strong sense that you are here to do something, to contribute something, to help in some way – this feeling becomes stronger over time until, if you haven’t worked out what it is yet, it becomes almost a sense of despair or desperation
  • saying or writing things without knowing where the information is coming from
  • performing healing, art, writing, music and other creative acts where you suddenly ‘know’ what to do, even if you have never been shown before
  • understanding animals, children or others with no voice to communicate
  • sudden strong emotions flooding over you that are totally unrelated to what is happening right now

I’m sure there’s more that I could add to that list, but that’s a start…

If you’re sensitive energetically then you are bound to be sensitive in other areas of your life.  This is especially true if you are going through a process of spiritual or psychic awakening. At a time of awakening, energies and abilities that have been dormant within you begin to assert themselves in your life.  This can be quite a turbulent and confusing time.

From long experience, these are my suggestions about how to live as a Sensitive Soul as you begin to Awaken.

  • Rest.  When we’re growing and changing, rest is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves.
  • Avoid crowded places such as shopping centres and football games when you are feeling particularly sensitive or energetically vulnerable.
  • Avoid difficult relationships and people who drain, upset or unbalance you.  Limit contact with the crazy-makers in your life.
  • Eat well.  Favour organic foods, with an emphasis on fresh, local produce, with plenty of leafy green vegetables and root vegetables, rice, pulses and yoghurt. Avoid processed food and sugar. Some people may need to avoid meat at this time.  Others may need meat to ground them.  Listen to your body.  If you’re especially sensitive avoid wheat as well.
  • Avoid alcohol, drugs and stimulants.
  • Take a good powdered magnesium supplement.  Your muscles and nervous system use magnesium to relax and it we also burn it like rocket fuel when we are engaging in energy work and psychic activity.
  • Drink plenty of fresh, clean water.
  • Use yoga, qi gung or tai chi to ground you and move energy through your body.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Spend time on your own, exploring the things that interest you.
  • Avoid chemicals in your cleaning and personal care products. Avoid places that have a strong artificial or chemical energy.
  • Use natural and alternate therapies to help clear and support your body.
  • Meditate.
  • Pray, and talk with God.
  • Explore vibrational therapies such as bush or bach flower essences, crystals, music, colour and aromatherapy.
  • Trust, look for support and know that things do get easier over time.

I’ve created a very simple six minute guided meditation to help you open to your spiritual gifts in an energy of safety and protection. Once you know the basics you can easily guide yourself through the process on your own.  Love and Light, Nicole xx

Nicole Cody’s Simple Guided Meditation for Psychic Protection


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