Emotion, what does it all mean?

As you exist here in these human forms, you experience many different types of emotion. Joy, sadness, fear, love, anger. What is the purpose of this range of emotions? How do they serve you? How can you overcome the negative feelings you experience towards yourself and others?

What you have learned to do in this existence is to depend on your sheer will to overcome obstacles, that which you do not want in your lives. Determination is considered a virtue. Perfection is something for which you strive. But perhaps you are looking at this the wrong way. Perhaps you should change your perspective.

The ego, which has great command over many within the human form, leads you to believe that you can control your lives….if only you try harder. But is that truly the path to peace, connection and inner calm?

Instead of determination, forcefulness, stubbornness, denial and resolutions, why not try complete acceptance and abandon? Can you just accept that you are feeling a certain emotion, rather than trying to deny it? Emotion is a part of the human condition. It serves as a measure of where you are on your path towards the Divine. Feeling an emotion, accepting an emotion, but not necessarily acting on that emotion will better serve you. Rather than completely denying it’s presence in your life.

Perfection in your human form is unattainable. Perfection in your soul is already achieved. Do not force a situation, an encounter, a result. Instead allow yourself to be comfortable, with complete abandon, to the workings of the All. Would your life not be much sweeter? That is not to say you can not still have your intention, your hopes and dreams. But, for the highest good. For you know not how your success, your dreams coming into being, may affect others.

Individual hopes and dreams, while part of the experience here, fail to acknowledge the group consciousness, the connection to all of existence. So indeed there cannot truly be singular gain in this world in which you currently exist. That is only an illusion.

The truth is that any and all gain is of the All. What you put out into your world is what is felt by the All. You cannot perceive of that in your current state. However, the lesson for you this day is to remember that every word, every action, every thought that you produce, affects the All.

So be conscious of others in your daily lives. Share acts of kindness, dream bigger, act larger, give more generously. And begin to change your world. To raise the energetic vibration. Oh how the earth will shudder in joy and gratitude!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. munchow
    Mar 16, 2012 @ 19:43:25

    I think you are very right. Instead of trying to suppress “bad” emotions, it’s much better to accept them, stay with them, and not act on them. Emotions are reactions brought out and coming from your heart and subconscious awareness. And yes, social consciousness will make the world a better place for all.


  2. the_tovarysh_connection
    Mar 17, 2012 @ 08:05:37

    Thank you for your comment. I feel so positive that like-minded folks like us can make a difference even without knowing the extent of it.


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