Obstacles in Your Life

The paths you travel as you move forward in your daily lives are not always clean of stones or challenges .   Often you are presented with challenges which you think are insurmountable. Which you will never overcome.  But perhaps you are looking at these obstacles in the wrong way.  Perhaps if you changed your perspective, they would not be so difficult to have in front of you on your path.

 An illness, a trial, a torrent of angry words or deeds can all be difficult to experience with no end in sight.  So how can you turn these around to make them easier to accept in your lives?  First, can you accept the fact that your life here is a learning experience?  With each and every one of you having different lessons that you have chosen to learn while you are here.  How easy or difficult those lessons or trials are depends on how you look at them. 

 You have read of people with severe maladies who wake up with smiles on their faces every day.  How, you ask, could they possibly do that as they suffer through their days?  The answer is that they do not suffer through their days. But live them in joy and peace.  That is not to say that they don’t feel pain or hurt.  But the difference is in how long they choose to dwell on that pain or hurt, that illness or discomfort.  Where will you focus your attentions every moment of the day?  Will you focus them on the hurtful words, the pain in your body or elsewhere?   This is not an attempt to minimize suffering.  It is to draw attention to the fact that it is your choice as to how much you suffer. 

 There are conditions in your life that you cannot change.  Some of you have been ‘dealt a bad hand’ as your expression goes.  But it is how you choose to play that hand that makes all the difference.  Will you show it to everyone you meet, saying, ‘look at the bad hand I’ve been dealt’?  Or will you say, ‘ah, this is my lesson and let me live through it with grace and love, with forgiveness and compassion’.  Not only for others, but for your physical body, that might be in distress.  Can you send out love to those parts of you that are hurting, whether they be physical, emotional or mental?  Can you bathe them in loving light rather than the darkness of fear and dread?  Can you see them as opportunities, periods that offer you room for growth? Rather than a curse, a serving of bad luck, a dis-service.

 No matter what, there is still joy in your world, should you choose to see it.  Should you choose to focus on it.  Can you change your focus and in doing so change your lives?  These obstacles are not punishments.  They are gifts to you. Opportunities for growth.  And when you feel overwhelmed with them, call on us to help you through.  We are always with you.  Always. Loving you and aching to extend a loving hand to you. But you must call on us to come. And we will be there, gladly, with only love for you.  And gratitude for your call.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yamyah
    Feb 25, 2012 @ 11:34:42

    i love this ♥ thank you. We become which we chose to focus on…


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