What do you think of your own life?  Is it too busy? Not enough of this or that? Are you unhappy with your body, your job, your current situation?  How much do you complain about your circumstances?  Have you ever stopped to listen to how many times you have complained, not only verbally, but internally?  Silently, inside of your heads, unspoken yet very much spoken out into the ethers.

 There are some things that you have been given which you cannot change.  Your genetic makeup, for one.  But what of all those other complaints that fly off of your tongues? Never quite satisfied with what you have been given.  Do you travel with people of similar minds? Pointing out flaws everywhere? Instead of seeing the beauty surrounding you.  And of your bodies, the temples which house your souls, what of those? Do you desecrate them with insults? Or do you honor them with respect and love?  How do you approach your day with the gifts that you have been given?

 Raise your energies, raise your consciousness and open your eyes to the beauty that is around and within you.  You would not desecrate your house of worship. That is looked down upon in your civilization.  And yet, you constantly do it to your own private temple. Every day.  In so many ways.

 The bodies in which you currently exist give you an opportunity to learn more about yourselves.  That was your contract to come here. To learn and to teach, within these human forms.  Yes, they have a heaviness unlike which you are accustomed,   But they also allow you to SEE the beauty, SMELL and HEAR the beauty around you.  The separateness you feel from each other is only an illusion created by these physical forms.  It is not your natural state.  But in order to learn what you have chosen to learn, these forms are required.  What you must remember is that they are only a vehicle. A means to an end. A temporary housing while you pursue the gift of earthly life.  What you must remember is that, contrary to how it appears, you are still One with All, still connected to the All.  The feeling of separateness is only an illusion, a necessary one for a short time.

 Can you see past the physical form as the essence of your being?  It is only a garment you wear.  And do you not take care of the clothes which you put on this form?  So too, should you not tend this human frame, your own personal temple?  A temporary gift.  It is up to you how and when this temple crumbles. Or if it stands tall, sleek and shiny in its glory.    You seem to put a lot of attachment on the vehicles which you drive, a status symbol that you cherish.  But what about this temple?  Can you be satisfied with what you have been given?  Satisfied enough to honor it, this gift to you?  Use it wisely.  Use it for the full experience of this earthly plane.  Use it to comfort and love others in time of need.  Honor it as the temple it is. Change your perspective and see how your life changes.


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  1. judithatwood
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 07:49:36

    Thank you for a beautiful and timely message!


  2. Deborah Oster Pannell
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 09:02:07

    “The bodies in which you currently exist give you an opportunity to learn more about yourselves. That was your contract to come here.” Beautiful. Sometimes, I don’t like what I learn, but, I have learned to embrace the process. Lately, I’m challenged to go beyond fear and doubt. Amazing how the body can hold these feelings and thoughts so deeply within muscles, tendons, and bones. What a relief to let go when we are able. Dancing, running, climbing, swimming, playing, making love… such celebrations of self!!


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  4. Deborah Oster Pannell
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 14:12:42

    Absolutely. It IS a gift, and I don’t take it for granted, knowing there are so many who don’t have that luxury, due to physical challenges of one sort or another…

    Thanks for another beautiful post!


  5. chattingwithspirit
    Feb 18, 2012 @ 01:53:35

    I remember the exact moment in my life when I ‘knew’ that my physical body was only a vehicle for my journey, this time around. I actually saw (in my minds eye) my spirit stepping out of one vehicle (body) into another. I had just been diagnosed with cancer and was frightened and sad and felt weighed down by the news, but after my ‘vision’ I felt light as a feather and the fear had gone. Twenty one years has passed since that moment and I’m still here in the same vehicle – I just make sure the oil is topped up, that the tyres are at the right pressure and the engine purrs nicely!
    Funny how you used the analogy of the car! Synchronicity?


    • the_tovarysh_connection
      Feb 25, 2012 @ 07:47:42

      It is people like you who inspire the rest of us. I know it isn’t always easy, but I’m sure that your vision helped put things in perspective. Thank you for sharing your story. And yes, I certainly believe in synchronicity!!


  6. Malou
    Mar 04, 2012 @ 15:13:48

    Good health, a roof over our head, a good job, a happy family — all these are blessings that I am grateful about each day. There are times when we become ungrateful or unappreciative of what we are blessed with especially when we look at what others have, only realizing how blessed we are when these blessings are finally gone.

    The recent news here in Holland where the queen’s second son got buried in an avalanche while on skiing holiday in Austria is a reminder to us all that no amount of money in the world can buy what is lost. He’s now in coma and the doctors said that he may never wake up again. He’s the smartest of the queen’s sons with multiple academic degrees and a wonderful job with a beautiful and smart wife and 2 lovely daughters. It’s a very sad and tragic affair that can never be undone.


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