The time here on this plane is one of growth, learning and experience for you. A gift to you. In order that you may better know yourself and who you really are. Who you can be. The possibility of a constant connection with your Source. And with that growth process come times of uncertainty, regrets, actions or words that were said or done in anger or in haste. They happened in just a moment, and yet you dwell on them for a lifetime. Why is that? Why can you not let go of those indiscretions, those poor judgments, those impulsive acts that were done without thought or in the spirit of love?

You hold yourselves to such high expectations. And if you fail to meet those expectations, the judgments are harsh, severe and long lasting. You have not yet grasped the idea of living in the moment. What happened is past, what could happen has not yet. And where that leaves you is in the Now. And that is all that exists.

Children make mistakes as they grow, explore and begin to learn who they are. In many ways, you are still children on the path of life. You easily forgive a child. Why can you not forgive yourselves or others who have ‘wronged’ you? We say ‘wronged’ to use your words as you do in these times. But step back. Have you truly been wronged? Or have you perhaps been given an opportunity to grow? ‘How?, you ask. With an opportunity to forgive. To understand that this action or word can ‘wrong’ you only if you give it the power to do so. We understand your degree of severity for actions here upon this plane. And the ‘appropriate’ punishments you feel should be given. But can you see them instead as a mis-step, a stumbling, an opportunity for you to open your hearts, rather than shut them down?

How many of you have not spoken to someone for so long you do not even remember why you are no longer speaking? The wounds you hold so close to your hearts do not serve you. They only block the light that wants to shine forth from your hearts; to shower love upon those who cross your paths. We understand that this can be difficult for you, as this has been your way from the beginnings of your civilizations. Yet how has this served you? We do not say that you need to interact with all who have crossed your path, especially those with whom you feel discomfort. We are saying that forgiveness is something you hold in your hands, in your hearts. The lifting of those negative emotions from your heart will lighten your step. It will release you from the power of those memories that you have held so close for so long.

Forgive. Allow yourselves to see those with whom you have had strife as a mirror image of yourself. Someone who is growing, learning and on the path of self discovery.

Forgive and see how much lighter you feel.

Forgive and feel relief from those ailments in your body.

Forgive and feel the freedom that accompanies it.

Forgive yourselves and others. And feel the positive shift in the world.

This is the way forward and we are here to guide you gently, lovingly. Cheering you on. Become who you really are, a being of light and love, and see how your life will change.


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  1. judithatwood
    Jan 20, 2012 @ 23:17:44

    Forgiveness is a lesson I have tried to learn over and over. Your post gives me much to consider, especially about the parts of my life which I have judged incorrect, immature, and unforgivable.


    • the_tovarysh_connection
      Jan 21, 2012 @ 07:45:01

      I keep asking myself, who am I to judge? Do I really know what this other person has experienced? I know I project onto others the way I see the world, but is that really fair? We all have work to do. I’m so glad these posts are giving you reason for pause. I know they do that for me.


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