Diamonds in the blueberries

Drops of water on burgundy branches

Rays of morning sun

peeking over the horizon

Diamonds in the blueberries!

Two common elements combine to create a wondrous sight of diamonds, glistening in a blueberry patch. The water of life and the rays of the sun, both present at all times, somewhere on the planet. In how many ways can these two elements combine to create a simple beauty that surrounds you? Patiently awaiting your notice, your connection, your appreciation.

In how many other ways is there simple beauty in your life? A child drawing a masterpiece, in her eyes. Just for you. Do you see the love that was put into its creation? A pet, curling up beside you, happy just to be in your presence. Nothing more is needed. Drops of crystalline ice during a storm, coating the trees. Creating a glistening landscape around you. Transforming even the simplest of items into an object of beauty.

This occurs every day, every where, every moment. How many of you travel great distance, at great expense, to see the much touted works of art? Do those same individuals see it everywhere around them as they walk through their day? Open your eyes to it. And then take it one step further…..

Pay attention to the simple acts of kindness, of love, of compassion that occur every single day in your lives. You say you do not see them. Then you are the one who is to start the process with a simple act. With observation, compassion, love, movement, speech. In what way can those simple elements combine to create an act of beauty between you and your companions here upon this plane? Effortless on your part. A smile. A nod to someone in desperate need of recognition as a sentient being. A pause. To notice those who are ignored every day. Simple acknowledgement of the existence of the person next to you. Who you pass on the street.

Diamonds created everywhere by those simple acts. Can you see them, floating in the air all around you? Moments of compassion, of mere civility, of love, can be more powerful than you would ever imagine. Stop, take a moment. Act. Combine the simple elements in your life to allow beauty to emerge everywhere. To follow in your wake. Diamonds of love created by you. How simple and yet how incredibly powerful. The possibilities are limitless. And yet the results are the same.

Acknowledge those around you in a gentle, kind way. And see the wave of light begin to spread across the entire planet. As one act encourages another and another. Ah, the planet pulses with love. Sparks of light flashing below, what a joyous sight that is! And it begins today. With you.

We give you Our gratitude for reading. For listening. For acting as One. Pure of heart.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Steve
    Dec 24, 2011 @ 09:12:03

    THANKS and Merry Christmas.


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