The Web of Light

Ah!   The wonder all around you.  Can you see it?  Can you feel it? Can you hear it?  Open your eyes and once again look at the world through a child’s eyes.  See how much you have been missing. 

Can you see the thread that connects us all?  A tiny silver thread that runs through and between all on the planet.  A thread that glows with pulses of light between each and every one of you.  Some send more out than others.  Those are the ones further on the path, who understand and see things as they really are.  Remove your blinders. Take it all in. Feel your connection to the All. 

Imagine the joy of a bird’s song traveling down the thread to your heart.  A pulse of light flashes within as you connect with that creature of joy.  Imagine the love from your furry companion as you pet him; traveling from their side through your arm to your heart.  Imagine the warmth of a smile jumping across the room and into your heart as you connect with that person.  

The truth is that you do not require these electronic devices in order to make connections.  They are made daily, hourly, instantaneously, with all who are around you.  Physical distance matters not.  These connections are not of the physical world, and so are limitless, unrestricted, with endless possibilities.  You are moving in that direction with your technological devices, sending messages across the airwaves.  Understand that it is possible without those devices.  Can you remember how to do it?  Can you see the flash of recognition in the person to whom you have just sent a smile, a loving thought?  It is there, the connection is there.  The web of ‘All That Is’ pulses daily, intersecting thoughts, feelings. 

Turn not a blind eye to those around you, for the connection is there, regardless.  Help lift them up, and in doing so, lift yourself up and all who surround you.  No one acts alone.  You are but a piece of an expansive mosaic of light, a network of activity going on around you and through you.  Contribute love to this network.  And when you are lacking, receive love from this network.  You know this concept in your daily lives as you plug those devices into your walls.  It exists beyond that physical realm.  Feel it.  Share it.  Know that your words, your thoughts, your deeds send a pulse through the network, to be received by others.  You are an important piece of the whole and play an important part in the world.  No action is insignificant.  No word goes unnoticed. No thought is lost.  It is your choice as to what you will send out. 

Know that there is always love connected to you through others and the All.  And that will always supersede any negativity.  It is stronger and will always prevail.   As you will also prevail, move forward, and be loved.  No matter what. 

Accept this love, share in it and return it, in any way that you can. You are never alone or unconnected.  Never.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. judithatwood
    Dec 19, 2011 @ 19:37:18

    A lovely description of our connectedness with everything and everyone around us, or far from us. Thanks so much for reminding me!


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