Fountain of Joy

Open yourselves up to the possibility of becoming a beacon of joy. Allow the waves to rise up within and flow off, filling the void around you. You are the source of this wonderful beginning of a new way of being. If you allow. Just as you have felt anger grow within your belly. Now feel the joy begin to rise and fill you from your toes up and throughout your entire being. You are a fountain of love, spewing joy, all around you. Allow others to frolic in the waves of joy that come from deep within you. You are the statue in the center of the fountain from which the light pours. Imagine children playing in the water around a fountain in the heat of the summer. Now imagine others being drawn to your source of light and joy, in from the darkness and void outside of your essence.

As you move forward, you leave a trail of pearls in your path. There are so many who search for those, thirsty for a taste of sweetness to give them the strength to carry on for another day. You are the source of sustenance for those who are searching, who are parched, weary of feeling only sadness and unease. You know how that feels, for once you were there. Allow them to drink from your fountain of joy. See how they are drawn to you as a moth to a flame. They may not know what is it is that is drawing them. The flash of remembrance of something felt a long time ago. Give them that gift, for you are already on your way. If you are reading this, you have already begun your journey.

Turn around and extend your hand to those behind you. Help them up off of the ground. Allow them to follow in your wake of joy. Do not doubt that it is there. Glistening in the light, fragrant as a rose, reviving those who have been dead in their hearts. A taste of honey. Share the joy, for it is limitless. It is pervasive. It is who you really are. Feel your hearts begin to swell with it. Leave your footprints of light so that others can find them on their journey. This is who you are. Look into that mirror and see the light shining back at you. So much light! So much joy! The journey has begun and soon you will fly! How we anxiously wait for that moment of pure and utter ecstasy that is coming for you.


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  1. munchow
    Dec 08, 2011 @ 07:46:12

    Thank you for a very inspiring post. Particular what you write in the last paragraph about extending the hand to those behind you. Share the joy!


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