Take That First Step

Ah, open your eyes to the beauty that surrounds you.  Can you see it everywhere you look?  For it is there. And to see it, you must change your perception of your surroundings. The lesson is to change how you see. Each and every creature, from the smallest spiders to the largest mammals, has its own way of expressing the Divine. They have always been radiant with light, and if you haven’t seen it before, it is you who must change your perspective.

Allow the light to come through, allow the songs to be sung, allow the gentle touch to reach you, every moment of your day.  In order for you to be a part of all of this beauty, this symphony, this tenderness, you must allow.  And the first step is to know, to truly know in your heart, that you are deserving  of this beauty. You are a part of it.  Why would beauty be throughout all of nature and not within you?  If you believe that all are connected, then bask in the beauty of which you are a part.  Believe that you are deserving to be a part of this. For truly, you are.  You have become strangers to this concept, lingering too long in your minds, not spending enough time in your hearts, from where the light shines. Open up your hearts and allow the beauty within to come forth.  Do it a little every day, for just a moment. See the difference it makes in your lives. 

It is time to return to the Source and know who you really are. You have lived in darkness and fear for much too long.  Have you enough faith, enough courage to take the first step into the light?  Take our hand and allow us to guide you there, gently, slowly, lovingly, to a place where you have been before, a very long time ago.  The memory of this place lives within you. But you have buried it deeply within the folds of fear and disbelief.  Logic over love.  Thoughts over feelings. Chatter over silence. 

The key is in the silence within. And so, for a short time every day, allow yourselves the gift of silence.  Turn off those electronic devices that bombard you.  Silence those thoughts running through your heads; things you have to do, or should have done already.  Those matter not.  What matters most is your connection to the All.  For together, can you not do more than alone? The building blocks have already begun to join together in the most unlikely places.

Be open enough to see the connection you have with those who seem completely opposite of who you are.  Do not be fooled by outward appearances.  For within your hearts, you are all the same.  You all were birthed from the same Source and will all return there. Can you trust enough to take the first steps forward to the mirror that reflects back who you truly are?  The light that you see will surprise you.

We are here, patiently waiting for you to take that first step.  For all of the beauty in Mother Nature, this beauty also lives within you. Mother Nature looks back at you and thinks, ‘Oh what beautiful light I see surrounding me.’  Have faith in yourselves, believe in yourselves. Stop walking alone.  For in truth, you are never alone.  Open your eyes to the loving light that surrounds and embraces you, ready to comfort you in your times of need.  There is love all around you.  For that is all there is.  Allow. Trust.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. anilraheja
    Dec 10, 2011 @ 02:03:19

    excellent…..”There is love all around you. For that is all there is. Allow. Trust.”

    God bless & love always…


  2. the_tovarysh_connection
    Dec 10, 2011 @ 15:00:37

    Thank you.
    From reading your blog, I know you understand this completely. Please continue your writings, for they are truly beautiful.


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