Remember Your Place in the World

Each moment is a passage of time that will not be experienced in the same way again.  And for this reason, each and every moment is precious, unique and sacred.  Realizing this during your daily busy lives is difficult, we know.  But if this concept can begin to sprout and grow within your consciousness, it will slowly take hold and help you to change your lives, from loneliness into grace and gratitude.

You control so much of how your days will be, something that many yet have to understand.  The thoughts that you have are powerful forces of energy put out into the universe to be manifested into your daily lives.  The power that each and every one of you has is not yet realized by most.  If it were, there would not be these angry words, or thoughts constantly bombarding the tender fabric of the surroundings within which you live.  The echoes of these thoughts bounce and reverberate around you and affect all who enter into those spaces of being.  For the skeptics, try for one day or even one moment to send loving thoughts to an antagonist, rather than fearful or angry thoughts.  To diffuse a tense situation, instead of allowing that anger to rise within your bellies, send those negative feelings into the ground and pull in loving thoughts from above.  Mother Earth will absorb those negative thoughts or feelings.  She is powerful enough to envelope them within her and disperse those negative thoughts into powerless fragments of energies, ready to absorb the next flow of vibrations from the surroundings. 

There is so much that Mother Earth does for you of which you are not even aware.  The obvious; the nurturing, the food and shelter, of course.  But the support, the healing, the grounding, how many of you understand this coexistent relationship that you have with the Mother?

When you are feeling sad, forlorn, hopeless, does not the sun still shine, the birds still sing, the breeze still blow?  Can you understand that all of these aspects of beauty are a part of you also?  For you and the Mother are One, and for every feeling of sadness, there is a  piece of joy that counter balances it, if you will allow.  When those times come, of sadness, or sickness or loneliness, sit in the Mother’s light, allow those radiant rays of sunshine to warm your physical body.  Sit on the ground and send all of those negative feelings down into the Earth.  She will gladly accept them for you.  Think of her massiveness, her strength, her support for you, Her charge.  There is love all around you; in the air you breathe, in the warmth of the sunlight, yes, even in the darkest corners of your rooms.  And it is stronger than any negativity, any fears, any feelings of depression or gloom.  Understand that no matter who you are, what you have done or not done, you are loved, you are forgiven, you are One with the whole and NEVER alone.  You are an important piece of the Mosaic of Life that is.  Allow this concept to take seed in your being.  For you have forgotten, and it is time for you to remember again, your place in the world. 

Oh, what a difference you can make! Each breath that you take can make a difference, DOES make a difference in the lives of others and of the Mother.  Embrace this love, use this power wisely.  And if you need help, just ask.  Loudly from the rooftops, softly from the quiet thoughts in your heads.  Ask and you will be heard.  But you must ask before the help can come.  And it will come, willingly, quickly and gratefully. For that call for help means that you are beginning to recognize the ways of the Universe, that you are beginning to understand that you are surrounded by love, and that you are ready to try a new way, if only by dipping your toe in the water a mere millimeter.  You have begun to take the first step and oh how the Universe will sing in joy that you have begun to trust once again. Oh, for the joy of that, we sing!


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