With Each Step That You Take

How do you spend your day?  In what frame of mind do you pass away the hours of your day?  Are you present in the moment or are you daydreaming of what just happened or what will happen or what should have happened?   The lesson is to learn how to be present in the moment and only in the moment. 

Today the dragonflies are mating, buzzing around in the air above, survival is their instinct, to procreate so that they will return again next year.  So, too, with the Mother.

Can you hear the breath of the Mother? Can you feel it as it touches your cheek? Can you feel the pulse of her heart under your feet as you stand on the ground?  She is alive and in survival mode, just as the dragonflies.  She has been here to sustain you, to nurture you and to love you over so many generations.  But as you have evolved over time, so has She.  And it is now time for her to take a giant leap forward.  Will you be here to come with her?  She invites you to join her on this journey.  But you must work together in order to join those who will mutually sustain her and themselves during this time. 

And how does one ready themselves for this journey?   Break down the wall that surrounds you and allow yourselves to feel her breath, her heartbeat, her joy, her love for you.   Sit and be still with the Mother in your mind’s eye.  Call her forces to you and ask her what you can do to help her.   There are these words of ‘carbon footprint’ these days and yes, that is a good start.  The awareness is beginning.  Look at the waste of her resources that is all around you.  Look at the destruction of her flora and fauna.  For what purpose?  To sustain you in your growth or just to earn that money that you think is so important here.  Sit quietly, if you can, once a day.   If only for a moment.  Breathe in the air deep inside of your lungs and gently exhale.  In and out, connect.  Feel the Mother under your feet, supporting you, holding you up, always, always during your day.  A constant support for you, every day, with each step that you take.  Allow your skin to glow in her sunlight, hear the gentle songs all around you.  You are a part of all of this.  You are an extension of all of this.  The Mother is your hearth at which you sit every moment of your day.  Honor her, give thanks to her.  Bless her and see the energies rise.  Little points of light in the air all around you, flickering with love.  Open your eyes to it and you shall see.  It is time to regain your true vision and to acknowledge the love which surrounds you in ways you have not even considered.  Be at one with the Mother and with the All.  Your thoughts, your words, your deeds affect all. Be gentle with them.


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