A Beacon of Love

Have you seen the night sky when the heavens are peeking through as dots of light that you call stars?  Piercing the darkness to shower illumination upon you all.  Just as you look up and see those points of light in your sky, so we see the points of light below. And those points of light are each and every one of you.  Some shine brighter than others, but each and every one of you shines.   And when a cluster of you gather, you shine a beacon that beckons others to shelter in your light. What a wonder that is to see!

The earth contains many areas of darkness, not because of lack of civilization, but because of lack of inner light. You are capable of extending your radiance towards those areas to raise the dimness to a steady glow.  It is possible and happens every day.  And the more of you that concentrate on performing this deed, the more evenly will this planet shine and pulse with love. 

 It matters not that the light that is you flickers at times with an unsteady glow.  Does not a candle flicker after first being sparked by a match?  Until the wick is steady in providing the source of light.  So too, you may stumble, you may flicker as a breeze of uncertainty crosses your path.  But fear not, for with practice, that glow will become steady and sure.  Bright and encompassing, hot with love and grace.

Feel the warmth of those around you, feel the warmth of the Mother.  Many of you are fascinated with the magical dancing flames of a fire.  Perhaps that is because at another level you recognize the internal flame within each of you.  Feed that flame within by loving yourselves and all around you.  There is no darkness within and if you close your eyes and sit quietly, you can see that light within. Trust that it is there. Feed it with love. And extend that love to the Mother and all that is.  There will come a time when you can feel the love being returned to you.  It is already there, just knocking at your door.  Waiting for you to open up and allowing it to enter quietly, gracefully and completely in the stillness of your day.  Sit, be still for just a moment and open yourselves to love. Ah, that wondrous love, do you remember the feel of it?  Do you remember the touch of it? Do you remember the caress of it? Allow yourselves to be free from pain and suffering.  You are loved, you have always been loved and are never ever alone.  Here we stand outside of your door, patiently awaiting your invitation to come in.

 Once you allow this love, you will instinctively extend it to others and to the Mother.  And the planet will shine brighter, a beacon of love. We hold our breaths until that time is here, and it is coming, very, very soon.


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  1. rowingthroughlife
    Oct 22, 2011 @ 13:59:20

    absolutely beautiful post, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.


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