Transitions and Light

Now is the autumnal time upon Mother Earth.  A time of transition to a slower pace during which She can regenerate for the next year’s harvest and growth.  The transition is glorious with the reds and yellows of the leaves glowing in the dimmer light of the season.  The time of beauty before the time of restorative sleep.  So too with you, as transitions are made, the peace of letting go, the freedom that allows the spirit/soul to be at peace, to shine in its glory before transitioning on.

 Why do we write about this subject today?  Because many of you are in a place to ‘lose’ a loved one or to move on yourselves.  Your customs seem to be to honor that person after they have made their transition, to speak of their greatness after they are no longer here with you.  The question is ‘Have you honored their greatness while they are here?’  Have you expressed your gratitude to them in person while they are here in the flesh?  Have you taken those moments of opportunity to love them, in any way that you can? For we understand that you all express your love differently.  Have you made the love connection with them?

 The uncertainly of your lives here upon this plane should give you incentive to seize every moment as an opportunity to do an act of kindness,  to show an expression of love. For you do not know when that loss will occur for you.  In reality, the connection continues and is never truly broken. Though many of you do not yet understand how to accept this or how to keep that connection alive.  Once again we remind you that all are connected to each other and to the Source.  And true loss never really occurs, but in your minds.  Never in your hearts.    

 You are, in your purest state, beings of love, beacons of light that glow brightly.  We can see that light in each and every one of you.  Our task is to help you also to see that within and among yourselves.  Allow the flicker of light to glow, feed that flicker of light with love, not only for others, but for yourselves.  And watch it grow, feel its strength begin to shine and live in darkness never more.

 So too with Mother Earth, do not allow a time to come where you expound on her glories after they have ceased to exist.  Protect her and nurture her so that the losses are never felt, so that she can give back to you the loving kindness that you have expressed.  She draws her strength not only from your acts toward her but from your actions toward each other.  She responds to the brightness of your internal light.  Allow it to shine and envelope the earth and all of her creatures with love and peace and joy.  Can you see the results of that? Can you imagine what is possible?  Can you see how you can be your own radiant suns? Mother Earth is in transition and this is a time to come forth in gratitude and gentleness and love.  She and all of her creatures need your help. Do not turn away from them, but open your hearts and give of yourselves to them and to each other.  And see the glow become brighter, feel the energies rise and hear the universal tone become louder and sweeter within and around you. 

 The moment is now. There is no other moment. For no other moment truly exists, but the moment of now.  Feel the love, accept the love and return the love and oh how you will shine!


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  1. the_tovarysh_connection
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 20:35:57

    Two weeks after this post, one of my dogs was killed when he was hit by a car. He was a dog who no one wanted and so he became part of our family. He was skittish when he first arrived and wouldn’t let me touch him. Yet, 18 months later, before his departure, he would always park himself in front of me in his ‘please scratch my butt’ stance. He was joy incarnate because he didn’t just run, he danced. I couldn’t send him away when he first appeared because he was so full of joy. How do you possibly turn away from that? He honored me by learning to trust me and sharing his joy with me every single day. I honor him now by grieving for a throw-away dog that no one wanted because they couldn’t see the gifts he brought with him. And if ever in the future, I need to remind myself to see the joy in my life, I will think of him dancing with full abandon without a care in the world. Our teachers come in many forms. And oh, how I will miss this teacher!


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