Life, as you know it, is only a portion of what you are able to experience. 

 Now is the time for you to begin to use the gifts that you have all been given.  Think not that you have none to use.  For each and everyone of you has been given a gift of love that is unique to you and to your life here upon this plane.  If you open your hearts and do not listen to that voice that says no, you will know what that gift is for you.  Let go of that lack of confidence and open up your wings.  It is now the time to soar above the mediocrities that exist here upon this planet and to come into your true self.  You ALL have the ability to do this.  Each and every one of you.  Be not afraid to accept the wonders of this existence.  Be not afraid to connect to the All.  Be not afraid to step into the role that you are meant to play here.  For no role is too small.  No role is too short-lived and no role is too limited.  You were meant to rise above the human existence and to use your gifts to raise the energies of this world, of this universe, of the All That Is.    Join hands and feel yourselves begin to rise up and be joyful, not afraid.  Do not worry about the thoughts and words of others, for they don’t matter.  You are blessed and you are loved and any negative thoughts and words come from fear.  Counter those with love and joy.  And those word/thoughts shall fall to the ground powerless.  For only love will prevail in the end. 

 Can you trust in yourself enough to accept the gifts that you have been given?  Can you believe in yourself enough to use the gifts that you have been given.  Can you allow yourself the joy of soaring above mere existence and into participation?  Oh, can you feel the breeze on your face as you move forward, flapping your wings forward and upward.  And what can you see from these heights that you never saw before?  Open up your eyes.  Open up your hearts and release yourself from the self-made bindings that have kept you chained to the ground.  Believe in the miracle of yourselves.  Believe in the gifts. And know that you are not alone in this.  The instruction manuals are in your hearts and in your connection to the All.  Close down that logical mind and use your intuition to know, to feel and to see.  It is time for you now to come into your own.  To encourage others to do the same.  Be gentle and not judgmental with others as they also dip their toes into the waters of new beginnings.  Let go of your fear and see how high you can fly.  Oh, the wonders that await you, if you only allow!


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