Do you participate or just exist?

Open up your hearts to what is happening around you. Be not stuck in your own minds while the beauty of the world passes you by. There is much going on around you, more that you allow yourselves to see. Open up your hearts. That is where the vision lies. The window to the world is seen through the heart. The head belongs to the body, the heart to the soul. And the soul is connected to the All.

Do you choose to participate in this gift of an existence here upon this Earth, or to just take steps daily to and fro without experiencing life to its fullness? Do not think that it takes an hour of preparation or even a minute of preparation to open your hearts. It is done in a flash, a moment’s time and then the richness begins to fill your lives. Why have you disconnected so from your surroundings here? Why have you chosen not to participate, not to see, not to hear, not to feel? Are those matters in your head so very important that you are living your lives with blinders on? Will those matters in your head mean anything at all one hour, one day, one year from now?

 Are you the one who sees the heron eating grasshoppers in the field as you drive by, or the one who only sees the vehicle who is going much too slow in front of you? Are you the one who smiles at the child in line ahead of you in the store, or the one who impatiently wonders why that person didn’t count their money before they tried to purchase those items? Are you the one who would stop for the person in need, or just drive by because you are late?

What you don’t realize is that time, or your perceived lack of time exists in your head, not in your heart. For if you live from your heart, there is always time, there is an abundance of time to do, to see, to hear, to experience the wonders of life before you. Can you try for today, just for today, to stop and breathe, to stop and listen, to stop and feel? Each moment is an opportunity to love and be loved by all that surrounds you. How would your world change if you saw it through an open heart, filled with forgiveness and gratitude! Filled with awe for the beauty that surrounds you.

Do you remember as a child how you would lag behind because you wanted to stop and experience something? Where did that pure wonderment of the world go? You will not fully experience this world unless you go back to the ways of a child, seeing everything as if for the first time. For indeed, if you stop and look, it really is for the first time. Be mindful of your life, your feet touching the ground as you walk, the air as you allow it to fill your lungs, the whispering in the trees as you walk by. Be mindful of the taste of the food that you eat. And give gratitude for all that transpires in your daily life. For All that transpires. For each moment is a lesson, a gift, a moment that will not be experienced in the same way again. Open your hearts and love. Oh, how powerful that would be! Can you fill this life with love, across the entire planet? Just ask for help and you will be shown the way. Regain that innocence, that sense of wonder, that lack of time pressures, that sense of urgency. Ah, the world as you know it is already beginning to change. Be still. Be still and just breathe. So simple. And yet so wondrous!


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