Abundance and Connection

What is it that you fear most in this lifetime?  Is it lack of love, lack of money, lack of time, lack of control? Do you not realize that you live in abundance?  Of love, of wealth, of opportunities to grow and become closer to the person you really are?  This focus on lack is difficult for us to understand, for that is not the reality. 

What about those who go hungry you ask.  What of those who go without shelter?  What about those who go without physical love?  What is the true reality of all of these conditions?   Has not Mother Earth offered you an abundance to sustain you here upon this planet?  Has she not given of herself so that you might live and prosper?  Has she not done this willingly and without a fee for usage of her resources so that you might not go hungry or cold?  And yet so many of her charges do just that.

We ask you to come forth and help with the healing of Mother Earth.  Do you know that this healing does not only involve Her physical state, but also the state of each and every one of you?  In order to live in harmony with Mother Earth, you must also live in harmony with each other.  For how can you respect the Mother if you don’t respect yourselves? 

Can you feel the connection that runs among and between all things?  Can you feel the cord that runs from one to another, to this tree. to that rock, to the stars in the heavens?  Can you understand the Oneness of all things?  A mother is connected to her new babe so that she often knows what that child needs before the need is there.  So too, Mother Earth knows what each and every one of you needs to grow and to be nurtured.  

But the truth is that you also know the needs of the Mother, when you open up those channels that have so long been closed.  It is a mutual relationship, one of love that has been sheared by some because of greed and self service.  Ah, to live in harmony with each other here, to live in sync with each other, to beat with one heart, the heart of the All, the One.   Your actions, your thoughts, your words affect all, as a ripple in the lake, it spreads out to envelope all with the love or fear with which it is charged.  One day you will be able to see these effects and you will be astonished to watch the waves of your being encompass everything around you.  In order to heal the Mother, you must also heal yourself.  In order to love the Mother, you must love yourself.  In order to respect the Mother, you must respect yourself.   We can help you if you just ask.  Our love for you is limitless. And no matter what little voices wander through your mind, you are deserving of that love, pure and joyous love.   Open up your hearts and allow us to help you to grow, gently.  And in doing so, the Mother will sing with all her creatures, with all her instruments of song.  Listen, can you hear them now?


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