Mother Earth and the Simple Joys

The day has come for us to speak to you in terms that you can understand.  The time is here for you to listen and to open up your hearts in order for the changes to come. These are the changes that have been spoken of for years prior to this eve.   Please listen and join us in raising the energies here upon this plane. Do this so that all can come forward to help with the transitions that will be coming very, very soon here to you. 

There is no need to fear what is coming nor is there any reason to lock your doors to the coming.  It is truly a time to sing with joy for all that is to come.  Mother Earth is calling to you to hear her call for unity and compassion for all.  Now is the time to open up your hearts to the beauty of this planet upon which you live.  There is no longer time to ravish her of her resources. Lift up your eyes to the clouds in the sky as they form the images that you remember as a child.  The innocence of those times can be brought back with laughter and joy and simplicity in your lives once again.  Remember the peace in your moments of joy and comfort being held by your mother.  Now is the time that your Mother asks to be held by you.   

Cherish the shade provided by the trees. Cherish the songs that burst forth from behind the branches, as the birds bring forth their symphony of praise for the joys of life.  Have you forgotten to stop and breathe?  Have you forgotten how to stop and listen?  Have you forgotten how to stop and feel the soil between your naked toes, the richness of the soil, the smell of the loam, the coolness as it seeps between your digits grounding you to the Mother?  All of this will help you to remember the simple times, the simple ways, the simple joys of pure existence in attunement with your source, the One who created you. 

Come back to those times now, as Mother Earth calls you to her.  Join hands and hearts in praise and song and in defiance of those who choose to ravage She Who Has Sustained You for all of these generations past.  Give thanks to her for all she has given to you and see the beauty even in the harshness that may come in the future.  These are times for the strength that all of you carry to be brought forth. To be used in harmony with the ebb and flow of the breath of the Mother as she moves forward in her own growth, with or without you.  She must flex her muscles and grow in order to prepare for the coming of the new age that is upon us. 

Feel the love that she has to offer you, and only love for you, her charges, as you coexist with her during this lifetime on this physical plane. Open your hearts and minds and sing with the winds through the canyon lands, with the birds in flight and with the whales in the deepest of waters surrounding the land masses here on this plane.  Sing with complete abandon and joy. Join her other creatures that also need your help and compassion in order to survive, in order to nourish you again, in order to be at one with your environment. 

Open your eyes and be not blind to what is around you.  Get out of your heads, off of your phones and become at one with the waves of energies coming off the land.  There is so much for which to sing.  There is so much joy. Let the laughter once again come from your throats. Abandon the worries, the egos and the false hopes for success. When in truth you have already succeeded, already loved and been loved, already been at peace with the ebb and flow of your mutual existences here upon this planet.

Come home to the Mother as she opens her arms to you, beckoning you to embrace her love and sustenance.  Become one with your source, here and there, and everywhere you can imagine. Become one with your source, in whatever way you see this source, as it may be different for everyone, while for everyone it is truly the same. Allow your hearts to beat in sync with those nearest to you.  The symphony that you produce is pure and utter joy for all of existence here and within the heavens that surround you.  Come home, remember and breathe. Allow yourself the time to be still.


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